The place where the dark figure had stored all of the dead bodies.

Yacolt, Washington is a cursed and haunted place of extreme fear and disgust. So many deaths had occurred there, and there even was a humongous burn. Everyone had died when they we're innocently trying to go berry picking, and they all got killed by a hunongous dark and naked figure wearing a ripped shirt and shorts. He killed them by stabbing in them in the head and then kicking them off a cliff. Police say that most of the people that had gone berry picking were good pedestrians, but however the police had died too. There was extreme sorrow through the whole town ever since those days of gruesome deaths and accidents. All of the parent's had got stabbed by the trees and all of the children are now waling alone orphans, although some of them died too. The other kids that have got away and survived are now walking alone with broken spirits and have lost hope. The dark figure that killed all of the parents when they were berry picking although killed everyone, he spared most of the children for some reason. The children are still on the run because the humongous dark figure that is killing everyone in the area is still on the run and will immedentally kill anyone that is in sight in ANY part of Yacolt.

The Dark Figure's real name is The Ghost of the Woods. He is responsible for all of the tragic disasters around the whole town, and most of the deaths too. Then he hung everyone up in a humongous house. He is even responsible for the tragic and infamous Yacolt Burn which adh occured years and years ago. He lit a giant patch with his deadly hands, (which his hand is also a lighter.) and lit the whole town on fire and killed everyone including the police and emergency services. The Ghost of the Woods even caused the deaths of those who had innocently berry picked in the past. Everyone that had gone berry picking in that area had all died and their bodies were never found, but everyone all had bloody and knifes dug straight into their hearts and most of their organs.

So if your family ever goes to Yacolt to go berry picking. Don't do it!

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