I love the game World of Tanks. It was honestly my favorite mmo in addition to Team Fortress 2.

Awhile ago I was dumb enough to go to some obscure site in order to get the game, because I actually thought it wasn't free to play. The site had a black background and had 'download' in the middle of the screen with red letters. Sure enough, when I clicked it WorldofTanks.exe was the label of the download, but the size was only six hundred and sixty six megabytes, which was odd for an MMO of its caliber, but I paid it no mind.

Upon the download I clicked the file, thinking it would bring up an install screen, but to my surprise it began loading as if you had already got the game and took me straight to the Login screen. The username and password were already filled in, and the username was: Murderer.

I paid it little attention, because many people had usernames like that. But I might as well have started playing on this profile, so I did.
Upon logging in I found only three tier six tanks in the garage. There was a KV-1S an M4 E2 Sherman and a Churchill Mark 7. Since tier six was rather difficult to reach, I was overjoyed and immediately decided to keep playing as this profile and change the password later so it would be mine.  I also noticed that the garage looked really messed up. There were body parts and skulls everywhere and there was blood all over the walls.
I saw that the crew panels each showed the members as what looked like sad, but since I hadn't played the game until now I thought nothing of it. Upon entering the queue for battle I immediately joined a game. But the odd thing was that I was going up against only one tank, which was an M3 Lee, at tier 4. The map was himmelsdorf, except buildings were on fire and and underneath the rubble was what looked to be limbs that were just poking out. It was pretty sadistic, so maybe this World of Tanks version had some mod installed that made it like this. My own vehicle had blood on it, and was rusty too.
I drove my KV-1S right through the middle to find the M3 Lee, and immediately found it trying to run away behind a building near the capture circle. I shot at it and it exploded instantly. But then I heard screaming and people began to fall out the back of the vehicle, burning alive. When they all finally were still the battle ended... But despite me obviously killing the M3 Lee the results screen showed 'defeat' as the outcome. At this point I knew something was up. I clicked out of the results screen and quickly realized I had an M3 Lee in my garage now. 

I selected the tank but when I did I was met with what appeared to be a crewmember just standing beside the tank. Its skin was horribly burned and it looked very angry.

"Why. Why did you shoot us. We were only trying to escape and you mercilessly killed us without a second thought. Now you will pay."

He said. Just then the game shut off on its own and I was back on the desktop again. But now there was a new icon in the shape of a skull.

"Now you will burn to death" Was its name..

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