Wallace and Gromit Syndrome is a urban-legend that a lost video that contained a video of loud static, it has Wallace and Gromit because of the viewers suddenly going insane, claiming to see Wallace or Gromit peaking from the corner of their room.

Original Story

"In 2006, a large amount of kids committed suicide, it was traced to one video that spreaded from computer to computer, it was entitled "Wallace and Gromit.mp4" and contained a episode of Wallace and Gromit. It starts with a bit of static for 5 minutes, it then fades into Wallace and Gromit's house, slowly, it shows Gromit sitting in a chair. A loud high pitched shriek could be heard, along with a picture of Wallace, it cuts to Gromit, who is seen laying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Wallace jumps over Gromit and says:

"Don't take this hard Gromit ol' pal, it's natural for humans to do this to each other..."

Wallace takes a knife and cuts open Gromit's chest, he starts to pick and put organs into a basket, when he is done, he leaped out the window. Wallace is seen walking a long road, he walks into Lady Trottington's house and says "Hello Lady, I got a gift for you - a very special gift" and hands her the basket, she looks and finds the organs, she says "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?", and runs away in fear. Wallace whispers "Bitch..." and runs over to her. 

The video would end with credits, with Wallace's head's picture blurred into the screen with Lavender Town playing, the video was removed because it was said that the video gave kids brain cancer" 

- Unknown Author

Side Effects of the Video

Here, is a list of side effect caused by "Wallace and Gromit.mp4" ------------------:

  1. Nosebleeding
  2. Headache
  3. Suicide
  4. Depression
  5. Murdering who ever is around them

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