I Was at a garage sale, While looking through the stuff I found a tape labeled in black marker "Wallace and gromit Episode 999: YA' KNOW THE RULES LADDIE" I guessed "it was just a joke!' and I took it with me... I put the Tape in my VCR, The Episode Started with Wallace going down to the kitchen. In this episode, he found a chest; he looked at it for a moment before opening it. A monster that could only have come from a Lovecraft story popped out. It filled Wallace's ass with its tentacles and proceded having sex with him; Then I was like "WTF Am i watching?" until it was entirely inside the Wallace's ass still doing him. Wallace stood up, his body covered in goo and his face deformed. The image was burned in my mind and will never leave. He started crying then i got a package in the mail "WALLACE AND GROMIT SEX PART 2" At that point i shut the door and proceded to go up stairs and then inserted the tape into the VCR The episode left off from last time Wallace was still crying his body decayed the tentacales still eating his organs; Gromit walked into the room with a yell when he saw Wallace "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE!!" Wallace replyed "HE WAS THE RAKE!!" Then Gromit said "its ok lets have fun!" Then the tentacales came out of Wallace's mouth it stuck to Gromit's head and started sucking. After a while, Gromit fell down and Wallace walked up to him. The tentacles jumped out of the Man and entered the dog's body, changing him into an equally horrible form. They stayed still crying... then I got another package "WOLLSANDGROMTEPDEIDE777BLAHEUHD" I put the tape into the VCR and it played a short badly animated movie then ended... I can't beleave what i just saw i'm disgued some actaully made this movie... its on youtube too...

Wolls & Gromt (FULL EPISODE REAL)12:54


the tape in parts

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