So, I do not know what the hell was was that and where it came from, but what I'm going to tell it had always been, until two nights ago, nothing but a dream. A strange dream that I thought I had done as child. A dream ... come true. Is there really ... it's not a figment of my imagination.

So, it all started the day before yesterday evening. Since I had nothing to do I decided to look at one of the old cartoons that my brothers and I watched it as kids. There were many, from the episodes of "Looney Tunes" and Then, Walt Disney did not tell you ... infinity. Duck Tales, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin... all that my father recorded when we were kids. I've seen them over and over again so much that if I looked only a minute of one of these boxes they could easily end up in my mind. Caught an episode of Duck Tales, unfortunately, was recorded ten minutes from the start. I put it in the VCR and switched on. After two minutes of old advertising of the early 90s and a few seconds of a TV show unknown, the board began. Selling it, I came back to mind the old and magnificent memories buried in my childhood. However, I began to feel ... strange. My mind kept telling me that at the end of the carton there was something unusual ... something I had only seen as a child. Also, I noticed that the sound of the cardboard had some problems. I could hear in the background a man who sang to the rhythm of music. But what was normal. If you record a program on another drive feel of the background sounds in the program that had been previously recorded, especially for an old cassette. I wondered what that song was broadcast. Then, the board ended ... and i oddly began to have a ache in the stomach. While the credits ran, the initials of the Duck Tales raged and I was tempted to sing mo 'karaoke. Suddenly, the music stopped, and a second later the image appeared. They were black and white images that showed a strange and disgusting mush that was kneaded and reinpastata. It was probably one of those programs where it was shown the preparation of famous and appreciated all over the world. That was it, I told myself. Then, an image appeared and the song ended.

Vomit industries

We're working for you!

Vomit industries We're working for you! I swear that as soon as I saw it I was literally speechless. Basically, over a black background was a picture of a skeleton without a head, no legs and no basin. On it was the old logo of Walt Disney, beneath it hung over the title Vomit Industries, written in italics at the bottom of a sign that read "We're working for you !".

Then the tape stopped. I put off the tape back and I saw the scene a dozen times.

What is this, an old cartoon of Walt Disney?

The next day I went on the internet and looked for information on the "Vomit Industries", but found nothing. I tried even among the names of the old cartoons of Walt Disney ... absolutely nothing.

I think maybe some of you knew of the existence of this video...

do you?

Duck Tales credist (italian) and strange clip

Duck Tales credist (italian) and strange clip