You knew I liked Sparta Nineparisons or Sparta Quadparisons, right?



The video that i was talking about.

Well... The new Youtube user of the week is Spartan Dash. So i saw some of his videos and the 17th Video was "untitledevilpuppet.avi". So I clicked the video & watched it.

And it all started when the Green Devil Puppet was staring at me for 5 seconds. Then it cut to static that had static audio. Then it had "Color Bars" beeping before it cut to static while the beep sound is going deep low.

And the "Devil Puppet" was zooming at the camera while playing static and audio of quiet static noise got replaced with the audio of the Emergency Alert System, And it played the "EAS Test" audio 2 times while playing a little bits of static. And then it cut to the Devil Puppet scene going to static.

The scene did not have the "EAS Test" audio it had the static audio and then the background had Yellow Color Bars with the white text saying "We are Sorry For What you have seen. If you would like to Call Sandi Wescott Productions, Press 666".

Then when i checked the description, It said "plzusethisinaspartaremix.txt" after the video ended.

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