Pinkie Pie cries S01E02

What the episode might've looked like.

God, now i've found a new mystery episode, and another VHS!

Okay with that being said, now on with the story. One night I was going to bed and went on the Hub. It was 1:02 AM and I was playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition on my iPhone.

Screenshot 2014-07-15-20-19-53

The image of me playing MCPE.

Getting ready to shoot the creeper, I saw that MLP was coming on. I was excited and confused, because no kid ever stays up this late (Please note that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic airs around five in the morning). So I decided to watch, when it came up, there was a small clip of her walking, at the time. I was recording the series. So i took a picture of it from my editing software. 
IMG 20140715 203635

Pinkie Pie walking on, depressed

In the background, you can hear whatever was in the red mist clip 2. And it goes on for about a minute, and cuts to static. Into the episode, Pinkie Pie is seen still walking in depression. Until a very loud buzzing noise comes on, and the screen shakes with a red screen effect. She is now seen in Twilight's house. And hyper-realistic sobbing is heard as if something truly terrible had happened.

Twilight hears the door open, and she waked up with an O on her mouth, and shocked. She asks her what's wrong? Are you alright? She answers: "MY FRIEND PASSED AWAY!!" Twilight gets confused, "Whos your friend!?" Pinkie then speaks "HER NAME IS MAUD PIE!" and slams the door on her face. Twilight worries about Pinkie all day.

Pinkie Pie is seen in her house sitting. She comes outside after two minutes and starts sobbing uncontrollably.

Rainbow comes over and asks her whats wrong. She then tells her that her friend is gone forever. Then she is seen again in her house but now, it is a little static. 2 minutes later, there is a flashback of when Pinkie met her friend: 

The photo of the flashback.

No explanation. The screen cuts to static for a split second and then shows Pinkie Pie looking into the screen, lasting for 5 minutes before she pulls out a gun, places it in her mouth and fires. Blood splashed on the wall and floor, looking hyper-realistic as the episode ended. I was like, WTF DID I JUST WATCH!? i shut off my tv and went to sleep.

The next day, i found the VHS of it. It said Maud Pie's Death. I smashed it into pieces. And i never saw that again.

On a bittorrent i was getting, i saw this file called Maud Pie's Death.avi

I then started freaking out, so i deleted all the files, and told bittorrent STOP MAKING TORRENTS YOU ARE HACKING HASBRO'S UNRELEASED EPISODES. After that, i recieved a .zip file. And it said i didnt download it. Now bye