UNCLE GRANDPA LOST EPISODE TROUBLE FOR TINY MIRACLE remember that episode of uncle grandpa called trouble for tiny miracle (I think that's what its called) and tiny miracle got so exhausted he got crazy and nearly killed the gang. well I work for the company and this is how they wanted it to be before it was aired: it all starts with the intro it was normal but instead of the gang using tiny miracle for favors they used him for the unspeakable. first pizza steve made him give him all his money and buy him all kinds of drugs and liquor. then mr.gus hired him to kill pizza steve dressed as uncle grandpa (which is why he wasn't seen for the rest of the episode). then tiger used him for sexual acts the scene ends with him leaving tigers room with an unexplainable expressions and as he left tiger licked her lips. belly bag told him a big secret that he hated the gang and was planning to kill them all one by one (not tiny because he said he was the only one who was ever nice to him) pizza steve by blending then eating him. tiger with a one million volt tazer to skin her and hang her upside down then cutting her stomach to make her guts spill out, uncle grandpa by chaining him and chainsawing him until death and mr.gus by somehow making the whole gang into some sort of food and feed it to mr.gus. then mr.gus will probably fall into depression then killing himself when he finds out he ate them.then uncle grandpa used tiny miracle forslave work. tiny miracle was filled with so many mixed emotions that he hung himself. when the gang found him they all started crying when one of his eyes opened. at this point they were all happy but he turned into a huge mess of robot parts and said in a demonic voice 'tiny miracle is gone tiny problem is now I must end you' he suddenly grabbed pizza steve and grabbed a pizza cutter sliced him in half and ate him. the gang started to run away. tiny laughed and said 'you can run but I will find you and you know it' he chased them caught mr.gus and tore his skin off uncle grandpa and tiger stopped and tried to help but could only watch as tiny tore mr.gus limb from limb. tiny grabbed tiger and shoved her into belly bag and threw them into a giant see through case that started filling in with urine poop drugs and water until filling up the whole case drowning them then uncle grandpas favorite toaster came in making electricity. tiny miracle never found uncle grandpa and said to the viewer 'I know hes out there and he might be right in your house and dress you up like him when your too foolish like reading this story' hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

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