The DVD case. You might be the unfortunate owner of it...

I was at Goodwill looking for Back At The Barnyard videos. I came across a DVD that said in blue marker "Ciowmehn: Da Uddturd Ahviingurd".  Now i knew what that meant. It meant "Cowman: The Uddered Avenger", the second Back At The Barnyard episode to include Cowman and Ratboy, Otis and Pip's alter-egos.  Now i went home and plopped it in my portable DVD player. It had the scene from Cowman and Ratboy where Otis and Pip changed into Cowman and Ratboy. Only difference was, the music was gargling, and terrorized screams played quietly. Cowman was almost about to kill Freddy, with Peck the only one to play Checkers.  After a while, and after the credits, i heard a booming scream from outside. There was another Portable DVD Player, showing the O Mation logo. The O Mation logo was not like usual. The background was blood red, the O and Mation were glowing and blurry, and it took a while to change back to normal. Then, the Nickelodeon logo showed like usual, splatting in instant. After, i wouldn't get the actual Cowman: The Uddered Avenger. And if you get near a copy of Cowman: The Uddered Avenger, stay away from it.

The O Mation logo.

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