I love the new Dragon Ball Z game (xenoveres) but everything change went I bought and played the game (with all DLC). So I was playing call of duty black ops when the doorbell rang. My mom wasn't up so I answer it. "Hi my name is..." I Said because the ran to his mail car and left "I wonder why left so fast?" I thought to myself. I opened the box and it was a xenoveres with all the DLC it cost 85.00 bucks (with tax) and I got it for free. So I went to go play it on my Xbox One but when I opened the case the disc's back said Two face " like batman" i thought it was a new game so I put it in Xbox One. It had the nice title but when I wanted to make new character I all ready had one. I couldn't make it look different, in fact it look like me, but I played anyway. Ever thing was normal after words so I went to do a quest but it said " hello two face wonderful day is it?" My character said "yeah pretty wonderful do you have a quest for me?" It said "yeah but it's dangerous are you sure" it gave me an two answer yes or no I clicked yes and he said " I can do it!" when he said " alright here it is." So it faded black and the mission was called the story of two face but their was no way to win or lose so I was just was flying around the map when suddenly a unknown race came out of no where (Vegta was where too). Both of them (at the same time) used final flash my character was killed instantly but where was hyper realistic blood (where was no blood In the game). "I okay I'ill respawn in the town and try again" I thought. But their was a new mission Hell at the start of the mission my character said "those sons of a bic*** I will kill them" suddenly some said "so you want to be alive and get some revenge" (forgot to tell you guy he was still bloody) he screamed " yes!" He said " find the amulet of dark and break it and combine them."he said so I did and when it did (also forgot to tell you he already had the amulet of light) a new mission pop out of no where and said game over how to win was kill Vegta and the frizen,suddenly he said "i will control from here" the sky was red the city (not the map but the place where you get quest from) was on fire it suddenly said !!!!!!!!! New victim it was Vegta.he try but lose and was kick into the fire he he was pretty blood (again hyper realistic) again it said !!!!!!!!! New victim it was the frizen but he just ran away (more like fly away) but he just said "game over" he used sprit bomb and killed him. When he turned around one eye was normal, the other was like sonic.exe eye. He said "the end" I suddenly threw the disc out and never played Xbox One again.

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