When I was a little kid, the two things I loved most in life were Turret, and movies. Turret is a very addicting television show, and I've seen every episode. Movies, on the other hand, are longer than episodes; in fact, they could last up to an hour and a half!

As you would know, I only watch animated movies. I like the newer ones, but I don't mind watching the classic ones, you know, like the ones that are old timey. So naturally when Turret: the Movie came out, it was like a dream come true. Well, almost.

That film caused me SO MUCH BUZZ. To sum it up, most of the movie revolved Turret and Twig chasing Muscleman with a toy that he stole from the Target store which was a few miles away from the Turret characters. Overall it was pretty mediocre, but back then I didn't care. When I got the DVD of the film as a present for Christmas, I watched it night and day, as much as I could. 

Unfortunately I had traded the movie for The Spongebob Squarepants Movie a few years later, much to my regret when I found out what that game was like. Recently, I had bought a new DVD Player, and through a lot of hunting and asking around, my friend, Joey finally managed to find a VHS copy of Turret: the Movie. 

I was pumped to watch my favorite childhood movie. It never even occurred to me to ask where Joey found it. He also gave me some other films like The Rugrats Movie, The Little Engine That Could and The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland (I'll watch those with my son), but Turret had to come first. 

So I toot the tapes home, put the Turret VHS in, and the nostalgia came flooding back like a tidal wave from a beautiful ocean. After the Twentieth Century Fox, Timberwolf Productions and Turret Studios logos, the Turret theme song (as played in the opening credits) flooded proudly through the speakers and I was soon smiling like an idiot. Put the intro of the movie was... different. 

Well, the intro stayed the same, except that the Target store looked.... wrecked as if the texture of the store was destroyed or something. And Muscleman walked to the store like usual browsing for the toys and stealing one of them, well after that, the tape cut to black. "AW HELL NO!" I screamed in frustration, banging the VCR to make it work properly. 

Then, it shows Turret walking in an island with an angry expression on his face. "I HATE MUSCLEMAN, HE'S A LAZY AND HE JUST DOESN'T WANT TO COME TO MY HOUSE AND HE WATCHES TV ALL DAY!" he yelled. And he angrily comes to his house, banging on the door so loud, my ears almost bled.

Muscleman opened the door and said "What do you want, now..." like normal, Turret walked in and then spoke, "You have been sitting there watching TV all day. Not eating dinner, and all that.", Muscleman then walks away. 

Now this is where things get creepy. and comes back with a chainsaw. Turret is shaking in fear, and he says "I'm getting outta here!". He runs to the door and tries to open it, but it won't budge. "LET ME OUTTA HERE!!!", Turret screams. "Oh no, I can't do that sir. If you do such a thing, you'll call the cops and try to arrest me, now that you're stuck in my house, we shall be together forever."

Turret than screams at the top of his lungs, so loud it almost broke my speakers. Then it shows a shadow depicting Muscleman brutally murdering Turret with graphic blood on the wall. Then it shows Twig at his house, taking a bath. He hears Turret screaming.

Twig gets out of the bath and walks to his house, wondering where he is, Twig then looks in Turret's art room, what he sees is extremely eerie. The room was dark, a wind chime like sound is heard. Twig sees disturbing paintings. One shows a Turret, sitting on a sofa sobbing hysterically. Another one is a Turret with no mouth and he has holes for eyes.

Another shows a Turret with no eyes, with a clown nose crying blood. Twig then huddles in fear and looks in the closet. Instead of finding a pile of clothes. He sees a big stairway which leads into a cold, dark basement. He nervously walks down the stairway. 

Now this is where things get extremely disturbing. What he sees in the basement shows words in blood saying "Jerry, best friends for now on!". Twig then sees green, dirty, grassy bricks. Then, he finds a rusty cage with a barred window and a dead guy in it. 

Twig is now huddling in fear and he tries to escape the doors, but they were all locked. As soon a he tries to escape where he entered, Muscleman appears behind him, with an evil smile, holding a bloody butcher knife. 

Twig tries to break the door, but it won't budge. Muscleman says "Prepare to die." before brutally killing Twig. The movie ends not without a text that says "You're next, Jack." before the tape ends. I just sat on the sofa, with my jaw open. 

I had nightmares about the tape for almost a week. I returned the tape to Joey, I told him it was not what I expected.

He then proceeded to tell me:

"Well, Jack. The version you just saw was the original, unaired version of the movie. The writers thought they would make it not scary, or be cancelled entierly."

They removed the scenes where Muscleman kills Turret and Twig and making the texture of Target not ruined and continued it where it stared where Turret and Twig chase Muscleman.But, even though the scary version never aired on TV, or went to cinemas or seen on DVDs, there are VHS' like the one I bought that include this version, though it’s extremely rare.

If you do come across a VHS like the one I bought, and if you are willing to watch the unreleased version of the film, just remember, after you watch the VHS, the film could haunt you for the rest of your life. And if you do have an unnerving obsession with Muscleman, just be wary.

You could end up like Turret or Twig, trapped inside a dark, cold, and isolated room, never to see the light of day, eventually being driven into the dark depths of insanity where you can never, ever escape. It's for your own good.

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