Hello, my name is Rob. I just need to share a story to somebody, enjoy.

The Pasta

Have you guys remembered Turret, the show that airs on FOX, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon? It aired in 1966 and everyone thought it was amazing because it was one of the longest airing Cartoons. However, there was an episode that was never supposed to be aired but it accidentally was. People have phoned up FOX, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon that the scared the kids due to the graphic content in it.

After it aired the first time (but the last), it never aired again, it doesn't repeat like the other episodes, if you have a VHS or DVD with the episode, consider yourself lucky. But you can't upload it to YouTube, because you will get copyright claims from Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Paramount Pictures Corporation and Warner Bros, Inc.

Now this is where the real story begins....

I have worked for FOX for 4 years, but yesterday, I got fired, because I mess things up so badly, when that happened, I left the studio building and saw a paper on the road, I picked it up and it said: "T:SE20EP20" I took it home and went on my computer and googled the thing I saw on the paper. I saw a link that said "Turret: Season 20 Episode 20 Download" I clicked it and downloaded it, I went to the folder and saw two files, one was a .txt file that said "READ ME FIRST.txt", I clicked it and it took me to a notepad file the text said "This is an unaired Turret episode from Season 20, watch at your own risk." I closed the file and the second file was an .avi file that said "Turret.avi", I clicked it and started watching, the intro was normal but the animation looked very very rough, like it wasn't finished yet. After the intro, it showed the episode title: "Turret's Curse", the episode starts with Turret coming home from work, when he went home, Twig is in the house saying "Good afternoon." Turret then comes to the stairs to his room. Reading some newspapers, and then when Twig came in and he said "Whatcha reading?", but Turret doesn't answer, instead he closes his eyes, now this is where things get creepy, after 30 seconds, he opens them with bloodshotted ones. Turret then pulls out a butcher knife and chases Twig, making him scream, "COME BACK HERE! YOU SCAREDY STICKMAN!" Twig was screaming and running as much as he could, then he sees a wall "OH CRAP! IT'S A DEAD END!" Turret comes in and says "THAT'S RIGHT, A DEAD END, PREPARE TO MEET YOUR DEATH." Turret slowy approches to Twig with the knife and Turret stabs Twig in the head, "Oh god! Why did Turret kill Twig?!" I said, Turret turns around and says "You're gonna help me, even if you like it or not, Rob." I sat there, I gasped, and I said "How the hell does he know my name?!" I said. It then shows Spongebob walking to Turret's house, "What the hell?! Spongebob isn't supposed to be in the series!", he then enters the house, Spongebob sees Twig's corpse, he gasps, he says "OH MY GOD! WHAT DID YOU DO TO TWIG?!?!", Turret then says with those bloodshot eyes, "SHUT UP, YOU'RE ABOUT TO MEET THE SAME FATE THAT TWIG HAD, YOU MOTHERF*CKING SPONGE!!!!". I paused the video, "Oh my god, why would Turret say something like that?", I resumed the video, Turret than pulls out a chainsaw this time, slaughtering Spongebob with graphic blood splattering all over the place, Turret then runs out of his house and runs to Muscleman's house, who is taking a bath with a rubber ducky, Turret runs in there, and Muscleman angrily says "TURRET?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?!?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" Muscleman throws his rubber ducky at Turret, which makes him pull out an axe, Muscleman then screams and then he gets killed, Turret then kills all the characters in the series, after Turret kills his last victim, he then shakes his head, and gets shocked, and then it shows Turret sitting on a rock at night, crying, "Oh god.... what have I done?" he then sobs hysterically. Turret then comes to his house and goes to the room where he writes notes, he pulls out a paper and pencil, he speaks as he wrote:

"I can't handle this much longer, there's no way I'll be happy without my family and friends, they made me what I am today, and I would like to thank them, but with them dead, I should die too, I can't handle it much longer, with them dead, I am nothing. Goodbye everyone else in Stick Figure. If someone who's left out there, or who I haven't killed, finds this note, I'm probably not dead."

He then pulls out a gun putting it into his mouth. 

There is scilence, scilence except the sound of Turret whispering "Goodbye." before offing himself on the spot, then the credits rolled,

Instead of the 20th Century Fox Television, Paramount Television and Warner Bros. Televsion logos, it shows the final image of Turret lying on the floor dead with a hole on the back of his head, the video ends.

I couldn't take it anymore, I screamed, I deleted the .avi and .zip files. I was scared so much I could barely even sleep, if I did, I see Turret with those horrible bloodshot eyes.

I sure hope Turret doesn't murder me in my sleep.

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