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In 2015, a new episode of 31 Minutos was released, with no permission from the creators to do so. It was a sequel to Tulio Triviño's Death (part one and two). It was called "Tulio Triviño's Death Part Three". It starts with Tulio and Juanin, then Tulio starts making fun of Juanin saying: "Mr. no eyes" and "Freak with no eyes here!".

Juanin starts to speak to Tulio in a demonic humming voice, here's what happened in the scene:

Juanin: "TUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLIIIIIIIOOOOOOO, stop calling me mr. Hitler, and if you don't stop, i'll put voodoo curses on you!"

Tulio puts on a grinning face and says "Ok, Mr. Hitler". 

Juanin screams Tulio's name in slow motion, and storms out of the room. Tulio gets out of bed, and stubs his toe.

"OW! I STUBBED MY FUCKING TOE, FUCK THE SHIT, FUCK THE SHIT, FUCK THE SHIT!!!" Tulio screams in pain, blood leaks out of his toe and cracks off and Tulio falls down to the floor. 

Tulio's friends run into the bedroom to see what happened, and find Tulio half-dead knocked out on the floor. Juanin runs in and screams "DIE, MOTHERFUCKER!!!" and takes out two guns and shoots Tulio and the cast.

"Finally after 8 years, I've killed Tulio, and his motherfucking friends!" 

Juanin takes out a black magic book, and screams satanic chants, black glowing mist leaks into Tulio's mouth and he stands up and says in a humming demonic voice: "SATAN"

He then takes out a knife and kills Juanin and heads for the aplaplac studios, inside the studio, the producers and directors are talking about Obama's plain being hiijacked and he got shot. They gasp in shock and Tulio comes in and starts stabbing the people, one by one.

Then he laughs, and fades to mist and the episode ends.

Then it says:


"And your life will be canceled by Tulio Triviño and his deadly force..."


A site, like YouTube, where the episode can be viewed was found  (along with part one and part two in one video), also instead of the intro, it's Tulio's face with demon babies spinning their heads, while chanting "GOD WON'T SAVE YOU NOW" and "Tulio is ours to play with now" watch at your own risk! 

...some say, if you watch, you'll be killed and found dead, in your house

...and, tulio's name will be on your computer, but you'll only be killed on friday after watching

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