What the episode might have looked like

It was September Tenth of 2011, I was on Youtube looking up some English dubbed "Kirby Right Back at Ya episodes" when I stumbled upon one that shocked me. Its name was "Trouble in Dreamland." This episode started off with Kirby Right Back at Ya's theme song. The intro was first.

After the theme song was over, It showed King Dedede looking around the town for Escargoon. He was calling Escargoon's name, suddenly Kirby bumped into him. He screamed at Kirby and made him start to cry, the part that shocked me about this is that when King Dedede was screaming he had human like eyes.

This episode was quite short really, Escargoon woke up and he was not himself. He snatched Metaknight's sword and went crazy, due to the head injuries. He sliced Waddle-dees in half and destroyed Cappytown's villagers. The thing that shocked me to this very day is that it showed blood when Escargoon cut them up. King Dedede, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby were crying and did not know who killed the Waddle-dees and Cappies until they saw Escargoon with Metaknight's sword covered in blood. They ran as fast as they could but Escargoon caught up to them.

The only one who survived was Kirby, he got his warp star and inhaled a sword that was laying on the ground, then did what he had to. He slashed Escargoon and all of the sudden a reddish rock with an evil glow hopped out of Escargoon, it appeared to be one of NME's monsters and Kirby quickly defeated it. Escargoon woke up and found dead bodies and was crying. Escargoon packed his stuff sadly, then Kirby and him walked into the sunset. The credits played, but the song was in reverse. I do not know if this was fan made episode or not, I cannot find it on youtube anymore and it's no longer in my Youtube history, It was like that one episode where the frog controls Kirby. I was like "WTF did i just watch?" So I ran to my room to watch Cartoon Network.

Please help me find this episode, I would like to study it more.

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