WARNING: NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH MINIONS LOST MINI-MOVIE: "KILLING TOON LINK" Do any of you know about that short series called Toy Story Toons? It's a short series based on the Toy Story franchise. But I know one time, Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios accidentally released an episode that was NEVER supposed to be released. Toon Link was also supposed to appear in this episode.
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This episode alone scared the kids for life who watched this episode. Parents flooded Disney and Pixar with complaints that this episode scared their kids to death with all the content in it.

Also, Disney and Pixar did not own Toon Link, and it belongs to Nintendo. You would be thinking to yourself, “Why did Disney and Pixar need Toon Link?”

Well, here’s a hint. Perhaps if they love to play Nintendo games, the people who planned this episode didn’t like Toon Link. They would know that Toon Link is pretty much the stupid-looking of the several versions of Link throughout the The Legend Of Zelda series. You would know this too, right? So they would mess with him, and so they planned this crossover, and just why wouldn’t it be pretty? Do they play survival horror games, too?

So not only did parents flood Disney and Pixar, but workers from Nintendo did, too, with complaints that they used one of their characters without permission than telling them that this episode was cruel.

Very few people remember this episode, and it never got to go on YouTube due to copyright reasons. 

You'd really find yourself lucky if you put it on a DVD when it aired. But do not post it on YouTube or your account will be suspended due to a copyright claim from The Walt Disney Company and Pixar, and maybe even Nintendo.

By the way, last night, I saw it.

When I was playing Sonic Lost World on my Wii U in my room, my dad opened the door, and he had a package. It was from South Korea. So, I opened and it was a DVD disc. Hey, I didn't order this! Hmph, oh right. I guess it was a present for dad. It was labeled: 

20071230220629!Sony Single DVD R

Disc. You seem to be the fortunate owner of it...

"토이 스토리 만화 영화 에피소드 4 툰 링크의 죽음"

I quickly went to Google translate on my computer and it said: "Toy Story Toons Episode 4 The Death of Toon Link". Toon Link? Toon Link wasn't even IN Toy Story Toons, and there wasn't even supposed to be death! Well, what the heck, I just didn't mind.

It was a unaired Toy Story Toons episode. I put the disc in my bedroom (which, i have a DVD drive in my computer). I was so excited, well, pretty much, I went to go get some popcorn and some Powerade, then I sat down, and was ready to watch this unaired episode, as I clicked the play button. At first, there was nothing but static for about one minute. Then it cut to the intro, but something was wrong about it.

The animation looked very rough, like it wasn't finished yet. For example, Woody, Buzz, and the title were blinking. The audio was also pitched down two octaves and was g-major. So after the intro ended, the name of the episode appeared in red text. It said:


Oh. My. God.

As you would expect, I was very shocked. But I thought at first that this was maybe just a morbid joke, seeing how this episode looked somewhat unfinished. So I finally got to see the episode, and I just knew that it was awful.

It starts out with Woody working on something. He and rest of the toys seemed they were planning to kill Toon Link. It cut to Toon Link entering Bonnie's room, and he was the size of a toy like them because he was a toy. Suddenly, the toys discovered him. Woody says: "TOON LINK! KILL HIM!" and then they attacked them. The screen went black and Toon Link opens his eyes and he saw one of the toys.

A toy that resembles Rex pulls out a... knife? Toys were not supposed to have a knife! The knife was big! Did he get this from Bonnie's kitchen? The toy stabs Toon Link in the chest and he begins to cry. Not like cartoon crying, but actual real crying as if the voice actor was crying. Then a toy pulls out Toon Link's stomach and ATE his organs! I was very nauseous and I vomited! Oh, dear god, that is revolting and they looked real! The toys began to behead Toon Link and he finally died. The toys began to laugh. It was impossible for me to forgive them.

Then the screen cuts to black. It stayed there for 3 minutes. Then it flashed a very disturbing image of Toon Link. His eye were missing leaving them pitch black, blood was dripping from his eyes, there were cuts in his body and his entrails pulled out. Then he said: "Why couldn't you save me? Why? WHY?" He begins to cry and it sounded real, and the camera zoom out and it went black.

The lost episode ends with a black screen and text saying:

"Toon Link is now dead, because the toys hated him. So, Tetra and Aryll put his body in a hole. This is all your fault. You couldn't save him. End of series. Goodbye P.S You're next."

Then the credits roll, but they all read the same thing: Writer: John Lasseter.

Then I took the disc out of my computer and threw it at a wall where it broke into 5 peices, and threw the pieces out the window.

I swear to God, there is no way I am ever going to see something like that again.

Now, if you see a disc that is labeled "토이 스토리 만화 영화 에피소드 4 툰 링크의 죽음", just obliterate it for crying out loud!
Dead justice

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