Title screen.


The re-done box art.

In April, i downloaded a Project 64 emulator and i was so excited to play the games like Banjo-Kazooie, GoldenEye and Super Mario 64. I have always visited the forums of freeware/shareware games, as i developed games on my own.

But during the 4th day of the same month, i came across a wierd internally-developed Nintendo 64 game called Totewelt, which also had a PC version. The game was about a man called Angst Totewelt who survived the apocalypse and is the only remaining on post-apocalyptic Earth, as he tries to battle monsters. No information further was found, since no one has ever beaten the game.

I thought "Maybe i'm the first one to complete the game".

But i thought wrong.

Later when i downloaded the ROM, i started the game with Project 64. The first words seen on screen after the logos were just "PWL Games und Vernichtung Game Studios GmbH präsentieren".

After the game screen showed up, i thought that PWL sounded familiar. I went on Google, and searched "PWL Games" and the results said that PWL means Potato Who Laboratories. Pretty wierd, hu? Well, it gets wierder.

Since i didn't know German language at all, when i tried the translate the text, all i got was "PWL Games and Destruction Game Studios GmbH present"

As i clicked the "destruction" word, the suggestions were annihilation, extermination and death. That sounds familiar, as the Polybius' developer's name is also German and means Sense deletion.

As i started playing the game, there was Doom/Wolfenstein-styled difficulty selection and the suggestions were:

  1. Dieses Spiel riecht meine Angst, ich eher in der niedrigsten Schwierigkeits spielen (similiar to Can i play, daddy?/I'm too young to die)
  2. Es ist ein Spiel, was kann man erwarten? (similiar to Hey, not too rough/Don't hurt me)
  3. Keine Verzögerung, kein Angsthase, nur Pistolen und Fäusten (similiar to Hurt me plently/Bring 'em on!)
  4. Scheiß auf alle (some unknown difficulty)
  5. Inkarnieren sie mich (similiar to I Am Death Incarnate/Ultra-Violence)
  6. Eliten (similiar to Über/Nightmare, the hardest difficulty, it even includes meteors, fire and lava, even flashes some symbols of Satan)

I decided to try out Eliten.

I started playing the game and first thing that flashed was the star used, of course, as a symbol of Satan.

I saw nothing, but burned, destroyed buildings. I heard some NPC yelling "OVER HERE"

I ran to him and he said: "Thank god, you're here. I need you to listen. There was an explosion and now there are radioactive monsters everywhere."

You don't say.

NPC told me to follow him and we were near a door when suddenly a monster came out of nowhere and ate him. I ran away and shot the monster. I had 30% ammo remaining.

I saw yet another monster, but it ran at me so fast and snapped the protagonist's head, which resulted in Game Over, which seconds later resulted on Blue Screen of Death and memory erase.

I cried few hours and my dad got me a new computer.

Now i'm here to tell the story. Never play it.

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