Do You Know the Old Show Tom And Jerry???? Well Do you Also Know the Last Episode : Blue Cat Blues??? well If you watched it or not Try Researching it On Google or Whatsoever.

Well... here's what happened,Its episode 103 or 104. Its starts By Tom sitting on the train tracks waiting for a train to kill him cuz he is doing suicide. it was Jerry talking about a love story, But His Girlfriend Marrys another Mouse And He Joins Tom on the Railroad Tracks.

It Shows the Ending By The Train Horn And it Ends Slowly Without Showing them die. I don't know who died, Maybe Tom or Jerry.But One Day, I So A Link in Google Saying "Tom And Jerry: Blue Cat Blues Part II.

So I Pressed it and it Starts In 1 Second only. When It started the Background Music It Was Going Backwards and The screen was full of blood. And It didn't show Tom or Neither Jerry In the Title Card it just said Lom nor Berry.

It Sounded Funny But when it started it Shows the Ending Jerry and Tom Sitting on the railroad tracks And The horn gets louder and Tom crying in blood and The train hits them. A Thousands of blood comes out and with Tom with black eyes and Jerry with a hole in the stomach, It shows the Driver in the train smiling Creepily.

Tom and Jerry fall to the river and showing the back of the train. It Ends With a Dead smile of Tom starring at me and later crashes for about 12 minutes. And Shows the Ending Title card backwards like this "End The......."

It turned Pitch Black And Continued Saying "End the World" And this Words Came Flashing like forever in my Screen: Born Alive old Die Died....

It Also Said " Tom and Jerry will get You, Get out of America and die!!!!! In 21 Years!!!"

I Closed my laptop and went to Sleep I didn't Scream or whatever, I had a thousands of nightmares like Tom and Jerry Killing Me, And more like that. So I Din't watch that video Ever Again Cuz It was still printed in Google , This is my Worse Nightmare.

Wanna See my Creepypasta About Growtopia's Killed Player (- Click Here If Din't Work Just Report to me.

-Benson Maximo O. Ruyyer, New York