Way back in the '90s as a child I always watch a Nickelodeon show called Tj's World. The show is currently one of the longest running cartoon shows in history. I loved the show and watched it every day.

One day when I was at Goodwill, I found a few Tj's World tapes. One of them had a faded cover of another Tj's World VHS release. In sharpie it was labeled as: "TJW S1 E8" I immediately presumed that "TJW" meant "Tj's World", having heard it being abbreviated like that various times. Of what I knew, there were only 7 episodes in season 1, so I thought that I might have missed this episode. Upon realization of this I became excited not only because I now have the complete collection of my favorite shows that I loved as a kid, but I also have some rare unreleased episode. So I took the tape home. I got out my old VHS player and plugged it into the TV and put the VHS in.

At first, there was a minute of pure static. After the static, it cut to the opening theme. I smiled, enjoying the feeling of joyful nostalgia that comes with watching one of my old favorites. When the opening theme was over, it showed the title card.

It had Tjdrum lying on the ground with an axe buried into his back. A pool of blood is seen forming around him. It wasn’t cartoon blood. It appeared to be... real. In what seemed to be in scarlet red handwritten crayon, were the words: "Tjdrum's Suicide". This dumbfounded me. I knew that the show had a dark setting, but not this dark or gruesome. I wondered why I had not seen this episodes before, when I recalled factually that I had watched every episode in the series. I continued on watching, even though the back of my mind told me not to.

The scene hastily cut to the inside of Tjdrum's home. Static interrupted the screen for a few moments, but it quickly returned. It was very poor quality and darker than the usual episode... as if it was meant to be like that. Tjdrum is watching TV in the living room and had a sad expression on his face. Ccmater2 came up. He said: "Tj, I have bad news." Tjdrum turned around and said: "Get outta my life already you old hag!". Ccmater2 seemed to not notice what he had said and continued on with him so called bad news.

He said: "Your sister has died, Someone killed her." Tjdrum was depressed. Suddenly Ccmater2's eyes randomly popped out in shock and he died. He screamed really loud and bloodily as he died. Suddenly, it cut to black. A blood curdling scream was heard. It faded back to the kitchen. Tjdrum was sitting on a stool crying moaning Ccmater2's death. The only problem was that when Tjdrum was crying, Tjdrum did not even sound like Evan Sabara, the actor who voiced Tjdrum. Only it sounded real. He began crying and it started to sound like laughing. Suddenly it cut to Ccmater2. He was lying down on the floor. His head was ripped off. Again, it wasn't cartoon blood. It either was real.


The screencap of the episode

I continued it. Tjdrum began crying. Suddenly, it shows a picture of Tjdrum with soulless black eyes and blood coming out his eyes and he was in black and white. His mouth is completely gone. The picture scared the crap out of me. It stayed there for 2 minutes, screams were heard in the background. Then it cuts to a dead mans body lying on a highway. It cut back to Tjdrum crying. A trampoline was in the kitchen. There was also a fan. He jumped up to the fan, and blood splattered everywhere. The body of Tjdrum fell down. It showed pictures of the dead bodies of Tjdrum, Ccmater2, and the other characters but all drawn in a photo realistcc way. A distorted voice said something backwards. I belivee it said "You're life will be all pitch black in a few seconds, you might be smart enough to play this because you're stupid to believe me" The screen cut to static about seven seconds. The credits were in Times New Roman. The background were of dead people in a wierd room. It closed with a Mask with red eyes. The mask suddenly said in a distorted voice "Darkness begins now". Suddenly my tv burst into ear rape loud static and the power went out. It came back on an hour later. The rest of the tape was static, color bars, black, white, and red screens and an insane amount of glitching.

I sat there, tears streaming down my eyes. What the hell did I just watch? Why would the animators make something like this? I stayed there, deeply shocked, for maybe ten minutes, lost in thought. I had to to call 911 and I did. I showed the police the tape and they were revolted. I wanted to destroy the tape but the police took it for investigation. After the investigation ended The CIA burned it just for safe measure. Eventualy the FBI emailed me on G-Mail and said this episode was made by a woman named Maria who was jailed for murder, robbery, burglary and more horrible stuff. She was an intern at Nickelodeon but was fired for making this episode. Was that tape the only copy? I'm not sure but take this as a warning to whoever is reading this. If you receive a VHS copy of a Tj's World episode titled "Tjdrum's Suicide" THEN IMMEDIATELY DESTROY IT!

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