Anyone remember Tj's World, right? Well, I am going to tell you about the episode that had NEVER passed.

I had a job at Nickelodeon Studios, I worked there in 1993. In 1999, I got fired from my job because I messed things up. But while I was walking out of the Nickelodeon studio building, guess what I saw on the floor?

It was a VHS labeled in crude handwriting, "Tj's world, unaired episode". I walked home and slammed it into my VHS player. When the opening started, I knew something was wrong with it.

The animation really sucked, like as if it was unfinished. Also, the audio was pitched down two octaves and was very distorted. I have to admit that was strange, but I didn't mind.

So after the intro, of course, the episode's name was shown. It was called "The Murder of Tjdrum". Oh my god, I had never seen the murder of the character like that! Well, I still didn't mind, and I kept watching.

The episode shows Tjdrum running to Cc2mater's party at his house. The animation looks a little bit better here, like the show's normal quality, although the audio was very distorted. Tjdrum walks to Cc2mater's room and finds Cc2mater.

Cc2mater gets to Tjdrum and says in the speech bubble, "Oh, hello, Tj. There's something I need to-". Then the screen made static that were so loud. Loud I tell you. Loud. So loud I had to cover my ears. It was like an earrape.

Then the voice came up and said "Hello, there's something I want to tell you, Tj". Tj then said "What, what are you going to tell me?". Ccmater2 then says "YOU MUST DIE!" in a scary Bowser-like voice. The animation went back looking rough, this time, the audio is no longer distorted.

The bomb then hit Tjdrum, Ccmater2 then says "TJDRUM, YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME!", it reminded me of Fluttershy's quote from the MLP FiM episode "The Best Night Ever" when Fluttershy bursts through the door.

The screen went black and cut to images of dead bodies, then, it showed the image that haunts me forever. It was Ccmater2, what makes it so freaky was that his eyes were red with blood running down from his eyes. He then said in a scary voice "COOL! TJDRUM IS DEAD! AGENTPEDDLE IS NEXT!".

It then showed Ccmater2 standing on Peace Girl, TIF and more, holding a gun. The animation looks up to real quality, almost the real show. It then showed the fox's dead body on the ground, however, this scene showed for this reason.

It then cut to Ccmater2, crying at his table. He said "Oh no, what did I do?". He then grabbed his paper and pencil. He cried out as he wrote:

"I can’t take it much longer. There is no way that I will be happy without my friends. They made me what I am today. I am thankful for them. But now, with them dead, I just have no purpose in life. There is no way I can live with myself without my friends. If they are dead… then I should die, too. Without Tjdrum and my pals, my life is nothing. Sorry that I can not exist, all of my friends are dead, everyone in 123 Tj's World are dead, I no longer have friends to make. I’m sorry for hurting anyone for doing this, but… I just can’t live like this, without my friends. If anyone finds this note, then I am probably dead…"

He then got out a gun, there was no noise, no noise at all expect for Ccmater2 saying "Goodbye". He then shot himself with the gun and lay on the ground, dead.

Screen went black and text appeared on the screen, and it said:

"Everyone in Tj's World, followed by Ccmater2 are dead. The series is over, and that means no more Tj's World. Goodbye."

Then the credits roll, they weren't normal credits. The only text that said was "Writer: TjsWorld2011".

I then took the tape out and ripped it up in half. Be careful, if you find the VHS with the same episode, don't watch it, JUST DESTROY IT!

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