Let us go back to the year 2005, shall we? The peaking place of seeing movies was in spring of 2005, and the one that made the box office it's home was Tj's World: Magical Adventure! A Tj-Tastic Movie, a film that made movie moviegoers pump up in happiness to fit in the long road to Cars, a Disney-Pixar movie witch came out in the summer of 2006. That movie when i fist saw it in March of 20005 made me love it so much, and I still love it to this day. The movie causes me a lot of buzz when I hear someone say it, and when my pals told me that there was a unreleased Director's Cut of the film one midsummer's night, I decided to buy that thing in hopes of getting my job at a video game shop.

The story goes with me buying a copy of Tj's World: Magical Adventure! A Tj-Tastic Movie on eBay, and since there were no copies available, I decided to go looking for a cheaper copy and sure off, they had one. I brought it for free, and as luck could had have it, the package arrived later that day at the doorstep of my house. It was a normal Magical Adventure! A Tj-Tastic Movie DVD you would know, but when I looked at the back, I saw "DIRECTOR'S CUT" written on it in bland red marker. I got out my DVD player and popped it in. The logos were popping up as usual.

The plot of the film was different, you know in the screen where Tjdrum was having dinner? When it goes to the table, it just froze there. It couldn't move at all, it just froze there on Tjdrum. All you can hear is buzzing.

The DVD then fades to Ccmater2, Peace Girl and Agentpeddle walking, and I said: "Wow, this was pretty late in the film." Again, it was just buzzing. Then it cuts to static, all you can see is just static. I looked at the static and saw some hidden video in the static, I could barely make it out, it was Tjdrum standing over Ccmater2, he opened his chest and ate his GUTS! 

Aw, sick! I went to my bedroom to puke, thinking what I have just seen. After I puked, I went back to watch it. The static was gone and it went to the next scene, Wally the Great was walking, he was sighing, he then sighs one more time and walks to 123 Tj's World.

Tjdrum and friends were meeting SpawnColor until Wally appears. Wally kills Tjdrum by decapitating him, and then he kicks Tjdrum's disembodied head, making it strangely fly into the sky like a soccer ball with helium in it, and then exploding.

There were no credits rolling, and instead there was a sick video clip of a kid with the guy with the chainsaw in his hand, and he said a sentence to him as he was turning the chainsaw on, "Hush little baby, don't say a word, it will be over before you will know it". He decided to cut the kid in half, and as the kid screamed, blood sprayed on the camera, making it cut to black.

I took out the DVD and throw it at the wall. Be careful, if you find the same DVD with the Director's Cut in it, don't watch it, FOR A LOVE OF GOD DESTROY IT! 

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