Anyone remember Tj's World on Nickelodeon, right? Oh, I used to be a child when I watched it and up to this day, I still watched Tj's World.

I was glad when I heard that he was coming to visit me over the summer but I had a ton of work to do so I bought him a DVD. In sharpie it was labeled as "TJW S1 E10" and it had no cover.

I immediately presumed that "TJW" meant "Tj's World", having heard it being abbreviated like that various times.

He was so excited to see the DVD that right off the bat, he pleaded with me to pop it into the DVD player. I went to work while he watched it. After a few hours, he came into my office, looking as pale as a sheet. "Daddy," His voice seemed weak.

"Are you okay?" I said. I touched his head and noticed that his temperature had gone up. "Why did Tjdrum kill himself?" My heart sank like a stone but I soon brushed it off.

"I'm sure Tjdrum didn't kill himself," I reassured him. "Now you need your rest and some medicine." I gently pushed him toward his room. "Come on now."

After putting him to bed, I got curious as to what he had seen. I popped in the DVD and began to watch the episode play. There was no main menu like most DVDs, it just went straight to the theme song.

After the theme song was over, it went to the title card. It had Tjdrum dead with an axe buried into his back. A pool of blood is seen forming around him. It wasn’t cartoon blood. It appeared to be…real. Text said: "Tjdrum's Suicide" in messy writing.

The scene cut to Tjdrum's home, this scene got corrupted by static for a minute before it went to normal. Tjdrum was sitting at his table with his face frowning.

Ccmater2 then ran into the scene and tells Tjdrum the word:

Ccmater2: Tjdrum, I have got bad news.

Tjdrum: What?

Ccmater2: Your brother is dead.

Tjdrum then smiled in a sick way and began laughing. "THIS IS NOT A JOKE!" Ccmater2 said. He began crying and Ccmater2 walked away. Suddenly it cut to him. he was lying down on the floor. His head was ripped off. Again it wasn't cartoon blood, it appeared to be again real.

It cut back to Tjdrum crying. A trampoline was in the kitchen. There was also a fan. He jumped up to the fan, and blood splattered everywhere. The body of Tjdrum fell down. It showed pictures of the dead bodies of Tjdrum, Ccmater2 and the other characters.

It then cut silently to the credits, followed by 15 minutes of static. I then took the DVD out and throw it at the wall smashing it into pieces. I was screaming so hard because DID THE ANIMATORS MADE THAT JOKE, BECAUSE IT WASN'T FUNNY!!!

No one should have to see this episode..... I hope this was the only physical copy. Be careful, if you ever buy the copy of Tjdrum's Suicide on DVD, don't watch it or else you will regret it.

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