Have you ever heard of Tj's World, right? Will, I am going to tell the episode that had NEVER passed. One day, I was at Goodwill, finding VHS tapes, then, I found some Tj's World tapes in the store. All of them had a faded cover of each VHS release. In sharpie it was labeled as "TJW: S1, E9".

I walked home and popped the VHS in my VHS player. It started off with the intro, same intro, but when the intro ended, the name of the episode was "End". 

The episode begins with very odd animation that you will see in three Mercer Mayer Golden Book videos, "Herbert the Timid Dragon", "Just For Yu You" and "How the Trollusk Got His Hat". Tjdrum, Ccmater2, Peace Girl and IronInForcer were walking in a long road, Ccmater2 was drinking a can with black liquid inside. Tjdrum then said "Ccmater2, what are you drinking?!". 

He then said "You always drink sometimes". They then get into their car and drive. The music in the car, "Sunshine Lollipops" was playing. They then stopped at the cliff and Tjdrum said "If we jump down, we will end up dead". 

They then drive away from that. The music "Sunshine Lollipops" was getting slower, slower and slower. As they drive, the music "Sunshine Lollipops" gets more slower, sounding morbid and more horrifying. 

Then all of a sudden, it flashed what looked like a wrecked car. It then cuts back to Tjdrum and friends on the car driving, then, it showed Ccmater2, it was horrifying. His eyes were red, his pupils were purple and his lips were... realistic. Everything had a dark tone to it since I had seen that Spongebob Red Mist creepypasta.

The song "Sunshine Lollipops" was played in reverse, Ccmater2 gave us the creepy smile, then it cut to black. "What the hell did I just watch?!" I thought to myself, I took the tape out and ripped it in half. 

Be careful, if you find the copy of this VHS, don't watch it, JUST DESTROY IT! 

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