You picked the Bad Ending of Time Has Ran Out... 

Bad Ending

...The knife, then jabbed Rayman as blood and lums flowed out of his chest. Globox watched in horror, as Polokus lifted out a jar labeled "LUMS" in blood. He filled the jar with lums until it was full of them (And a bit of blood...) Rayman's body turned completely dead and grey.

"rayman? no!" whispered Globox, outside: he didn't feel sorry, inside: he felt sorry

Polokus thanked Globox, as he filled his mouth with blood and dead lums.

Polokus ran away to the right of the screen and became MORE hungry and looked for more lums... Globox stayed there and cried, all his tears landed on Rayman's body. 

"WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!" Globox shouted, as he jabbed himself with the bloody knife. Then it faded to black...


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