There was a Thomas and friends episode that not that many people got see and I'll tell you what happened

The episode part 1

So the episode started of with the Thomas the tank engine original theme song i knew something was wrong because you won't see the classic version these days on Television. 

So after the intro the episode started off with a gray engine that look similar to Thomas . He was crying for 2 minutes I even felt like crying it was to see the engines crying for me because when I was younger I was obsessed with Thomas I still am to this very day. After another engine was sent to take the Gray engine. The controller  yelled at the engine. Never Try TO Kill Your PAssengers ever AgAin!!!!. Yes sir. The engine said.

Screenshot 2017-04-19-13-50-10
Screenshot 2017-04-19-13-50-17
DowntheMine31 kindlephoto-8582661

The Gray engine

ScaredyEngines28 kindlephoto-11078262

The episode part 2

The engine was taken to the scrap yards. When the engine went inside he was screaming very very loud I covered my ears. After the engine was scraped it show Thomas and percy but what they show had frightened me for days. The camera zoomed in and in the background was the scrapped engine starring at Thomas and percy and mumbling something in a deep scary voice. Then it faded to dark the showed the end credits but instead of thomas being there the scrapped engine took his place. Now this part was the scariest part of all. After the end credits faded into black and I turned off the tv I heard a train whistle