I loved Thomas & Friends when I was a kid. I collected every engine. I had a lot of engines like Rusty, Percy, Thomas, Skarloey, Duncan and lot more. I was bored so I decided to look on Amazon for movies. Christmas was coming so I was looking for a Christmas movie when I found a Thomas DVD. I clicked on the DVD. There wasn't a case or cover. Just a DVD. Weird. I decided to buy it. It only cost 1 dollar. The person who had this DVD however put it on Amazon said "THANK YOU! THANKS FOR BUYING THIS DVD!" I ignored it and waited for it to come to my house. After 5 hours, I heard a knock at my door. It was the DVD. I picked it up and put it in my DVD Player since curiosity got the better of me. It only had 1 episode. It was named PeRcYs NigHtmArE. I decided to watch it. The Season 5 Thomas intro played. The windmill was in ruins. Thomas was going fast. When he went under the bridge, he was eyeless. The same episode name which was PeRcYs NigHtmArE was there. When Thomas puffed into the station, it was on fire. When the intro ended, An image of Percy was Showing. He was shocked. I could've sworn I saw Demonic eyes.


Percy and the Demonic Eyes.

Static was playing in the background. The image was shown for 2 Minutes till it cut to static. Thomas said "I'm going to murder you Percy!" Wait, What?! Thomas and Percy are best friends! WHY WOULD THOMAS MURDER HIM?

Thomas ran and chased Percy. It cut to static again.

A loud buzzing noise was heard.

When the static was over, Thomas then began to roll his eyes in a shed, till then, they turned completely white. The slendytubbies screaming sound was heard. This was kind of creeping me out. It stayed on Thomas with his white eyes for a few minutes. That is way too long! Kind of creepy though.


What Thomas looked like after rolling his eyes.

I was too scared but I was still wondering what was coming next. It cut to static and the you are dead song from total distortion was heard. It then cuts to a scene of James Puffing too fast. I heard no voices. No sound was heard. After James ran past Thomas. Thomas' eyes popped out and I heard Max and Ruby 0004 Screeching sound. It started to creep me out. I was just ready to exit the DVD. But had to keep on watching. It then shows a close up of Thomas. It was still scaring me. I was shivering. IS THIS WHAT WE WANT LITTLE KIDS TO SEE?!?!? I then kept watching. James then disappeared out of sight. Still, no sound was heard. The worst part was that the scene played over and over. James was puffing fast over and over.

Eyeless Thomas

I was still scared. It cut to static. Thundering sounds were heard. It cuts to a scene from A better view for Gordon. Gordon puffs very fast and crashed into the brick wall. His face fell off. When Sir Topham Hatt saw Gordon, he said nothing. I was too scared to watch everything else. It cut to static. After the static showed one of Thomas' Faces. His face was eyeless with blood tears. It was followed with by the Thomas and friends theme song playing in reverse. None of the little kids want to see this! I was still too scared. The face was there for 2 Minutes till it said a note saying your next! The episode was over. I will not watch another Thomas episode like this again! I burned the DVD. It didn't get me that's for sure. Just hope no one finds it. If you find the DVD, don't watch it!

Creepy Face

What Thomas' Creepy Face looked like.

I went to bed to forget about it. I heard a knock at my bedroom door. It was Thomas. He was eyeless and he said "YOU ARE DEAD!" Don't watch a Thomas DVD Like that! I'M BEGGING YOU!

Hope you liked my creepypasta, I know it's long but still, hope you enjoyed.