Note: the following creepypasta is fake. The episode is not real and does not exist, but there is a real resident of Scotland who goes by the name of Lenner Skinner who released the true Squidward's Suicide tapes. See them for yourself.

Warning: This pasta is unfinished. Do not add to Trollpastas or Candidates for Deletion. Thank you.


Hello everybody. My name is Linda Skinner, and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my mother and father. I have a rather disturbing tale to tell you about what was once my favourite show in the whole wide world: Thomas and Friends.

Last year, me and my mother were taking a visit to Frankfurt, Germany as a special Christmas vacation. It was a joyful week of sledding, shopping and spending time in nature.

However, just one last day before we headed back home, we ate out at a fancy cafe and visited a bookstore nearby. The bookstore was gorgeous; the floors were polished and spotless, the walls covered in lovely German paintings, and massive shelves full of not only books but also DVDs discs and VHS tapes.

While peeking in one of the shelves, I stumbled across a DVD from a familiar series; Thomas and Friends! Since I had my own cash at that time, I walked up to the counter and paid the man by myself.

The DVD (Thomas's Surprise)

When we returned to our house in Scotland, I felt excited to watch my new DVD! But we had to wait until the next day, because my mother doesn't allow me to watch television while everyone is asleep.

Unlike many other odd DVDs, the one I've received looked perfectly normal from the outside. You could never tell from the outside that it was cursed, because the box art looked average, and the DVD looked printed. The name of my DVD is "Thomas and Friends: Thomas's Surprise".

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