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I was up pretty late one night and I had the television on in the background as usual. I love childrens' shows so I had an unused channel on. The Britt Allcroft jingle caught my attention. Thomas & Friends used to be my favorite cartoon when I was a child, so I stopped everything I did and focused on the television screen. The Thomas & Friends intro seemed normal, but it was a bit off. In the background were screams of pain and the theme music was a pitch lower than usual. The sky was a dark gray-blue color, the windmill was in ruins and set on fire.

When the train passed under the bridge, Thomas wasn't his normal self. Blood was dripping from his eyes and there was a rat gnawing at the boy's neck. He was getting to it pretty fast, but I didn't know where the stationmaster was when Thomas pulled into Ffarqhuar with Annie and Clarabel. The episode started normal, just the characters' voices were a bit off. They sounded rough like they were been strangled or drowned. The narrator sounded like he was talking in Season 8 style. It started off with Thomas waking up to a dark day. The sky was the same color as the intro and the sun was a deep red. Not normal at all. None of his friends were there. Tidmouth Sheds looked deserted. Bill and Ben were in the goods shed with a knife. They had dry blood all over their faces. The knife was old and blunt but was covered in blood so you couldn't see the blade. The twins had 3 shapes in front of them on a flatbed. Three faces. Diesel, Den, and Dart, with their eyes gouged out and their eyelids cut off. Thomas didn’t seem fazed about it, he lingered through the yard. Bill's screams were full of hatred, almost as if he hated himself and Ben. Bill picks up the knife and lifts it up to his smokebox, much to his twin's dismay. The scene changed instantly. Thomas went to Knapford Station to collect Annie and Clarabel, the building was like ruins. More like an old battlefield castle. Sir Topham Hatt's mother was on a chair with a rope around her neck. She hung there, struggling. Her hands were pulling on the rope. She never did die, she just struggled for ages in the background. The platform was covered in blood, like a path of blood along the line. The screen flickered to a different scene. This one was where he was being chased by the evil Diesel 10, who had a black eye, blood and scars on his face. Thomas flew off the rails at the bottom of Gordon's Hill which instantly knocked him out and he fell apart upon hitting the ground. Diesel 10 cackled loudly in Neil Crone's voice and raced toward Thomas' remains. He picked up Thomas' smokebox using his claw Pinchy. An image appeared for a split second, showing a very detailed drawing of Sir Topham Hatt, with his stomach ripped wide open, with his smaller intestines dragged out of his stomach. The second image remained for a little while longer, 20 or 30 seconds maybe. This image was of Lady Hatt hung herself with her husband's lower intestine, this time there was weak screaming in the background almost as if she was still weakly breathing but could not gasp any air and the ending theme in the same pitch as the opening was heard as well. The end credits appeared, but Thomas had the same look on his face from the intro and the sky remained the same color as it did throughout the episode. I could not sleep later that day so I decided to just change channels, the next day it was a Sunday. I remembered what had happened last night and I tried to research it. The old head-writer at HiT Entertainment, Sharon Miller, had a tiny mental illness that made her create this episode all by herself. She now suppresses this in the back of her mind trying to not let her disturb it with her new work. This is why Thomas had transfered to CGI. The models were so successful they wanted to continue it. Sharon Miller ruined it with this episode. I asked around to see if anybody else had seen that episode. No one did, except me.