You know i wrote about that creepy experince i had because of ROBLOX THE ADVENTURES has just begun.... i have another thing to tell you..

Someone sent me al ink in my eamil to a website called I went to it and i saw a button that said CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD! I downloaded it and it said TRSLE.mp4

Than it gets into the video.... It said DO NOT WATCH and it had a address on the bottom saying 2291 Californa street,ilinois,I searched the addressup on google maps and it only shown a abandoned house in the neighborhood BUT all the houses where abandoned...... i went back to watching the episode the date said 1990 Robert INC and the episode started......

it started with robert walking down the street to go to his friends house.... Robert said "we should see garrett" The episode cut off to Robert...........It said THANKS FOR LETTING ME O U T.

The credits rolled the credits only said 1967-2001 Robert this picture showed up....v v is that a mountain?