The Lego Movie is one of the best movies I ever watched. I remember when it first aired. it was so funny, huh, what i'm saying is that I love it, in fact I think they should make a lego movie 2 because the previous one was so good.

anyway, when I was in school, I told everyone in my class about it during recess and lunch, and even on the school bus. it was cool because almost all of my friends had seen it too, and we spent time after time discussing our favorite and least favorite parts.

One Valentines Day, however, my cousin (his name is daniel) gave me a dvd as a gift. I grabbed it and peered at the title

"The Lego Movie: Director's cut"

i was confused when I saw this because The Lego Movie was not on DVD yet. I turned to question my cousin about where he got this but he was already in the other room giving my mom her Valentine. I stared at the DVD for a minute before giving in and going upstairs to watch it. Hey, can you blame me? Its my favorite movie!!

Once upstairs I put the dvd in my computer and pressed play. There was no main menu, it just went straight to the cut.

The cut began with emmet and batman running away from the robotic workers, then they went in their rocket-like vehicle and flew away. But Batman was driving and Emmet was holding onto the back part of the rocket. His hands were slipping off the edge and even though Batman told him many times to hold on Emmet slipped off, fell to the ground and lost consciousness. The scene re-opened with Emmet tied to a table, being interrogated by a robot worker. The robot asked Emmet where Batman was. When Emmet wouldn't tell him, the robot's hand turned into a scalpel. The robot cut into emmet's stomach, removed all the intestines and ate the heart. You could here the sick squishing of the heart in the robot's mouth as he ate it. i shrieked and ran to the bathroom to vomit.

When I returned the screen had went to static. It remained that way for about 3 seconds before the next clip began.

The next clip portrayed a scene of a graveyard containing graves for Emmet, Batman, and someone named Mary. Apparently Lord Bussiness had won and killed them. A crowd of people gathered around the graves and wept. But it didn't sound like cartoon crying. It sounded hyper-realistic. And their tears weren't those blue cartoon ones. They were real. Creepy as this was, what was even more scary was a sound that had started softly in the beginning of the scene and had gotten louder as the scene progressed. I can't really describe it. It sounded like a mix of a baby wailing, a woman screaming, and a lion roaring in pain. As the sound got so loud that I had to turn down the volume about ten notches, one by one the Lego people started to commit suicide. They found sharp bits of broken blocks and stabbed themselves, took guns from the defeated robots and shot themselves, and stuffed cloths down their throats and strangled themselves. this continued until they were all dead and blood splattered the graves of the three. After that Lord Bussiness started to laugh in a psychotic way. I attempted to shut my computer off but for some reason it wouldn't shut off.

All of a sudden the screen went to static and a faint music box noise was heard. Then the screen showed an up-close picture of a torn up Lego head with its eyes carved out, splattered with what looked like real blood. I fell out of my chair and hid behind it, shaking slightly. After about ten seconds the image faded to black and the creepy music stopped, and a little girl's voice spoke.

"he died because you made him do it."

then the cut ended.

i just stood there for a moment, shocked. I just couldn't contemplate why a kids movie would contain this content. I looked on the back of the case. 2012. No, the Lego Movie was made in 2014!! I didn't even think twice about what I was about to do. I marched downstairs, ran outside, and shoved the DVD and its case in the wood chipper. Before I could press the button Daniel ran outside and asked me what I was doing. I told him what I saw. He scoffed at me and demanded to see the DVD himself. Reluctantly I fished the DVD out of the chipper and handed it to him. He stormed upstairs to my room, probably to watch the cut. I waited outside patiently, expecting him to come down any minute.

Ten minutes later he walked back outside, face ghost white, hands shaking as he handed the disk back to me. He told me in a weak voice that he had no idea that was on there. he looked sincere enough. I asked him where he got the cut, but he said he couldn't remember. Weird. With his help I aimed the wood chipper at the lake behind our house, shoved the disk and case inside, and pressed the button. We were both relieved to see the tiny remains of the DVD sink into the lake and out of sight.

I learned two weeks later that my seven year old cousin had died. I didn't know how, but I was devastated all the same. When I went to my room that night there was a message on my door That looked like it had been written in blood.

"he died because you made him do it."