Years ago,in this very resteraunt, the guard ringing slasher used to be a night guard just like you. ONLY CLUMSIER! because one day, while he was checking the cameras, when phone guy telled him. he must survive, something weird occured, a ghost said, i'm gonna get you! he ran then while shutting the doors, this happened, he cut off his own hand by mistake! and didn't grow back! and replaced it with a dynamite stick. but it blew up! only smaller not that much to destroy the resteraunt. and he was shot in his funeral! but on every tuesday night's his ghost, arrives for all the resteraunts! even freddy fazbears pizza! you wanna know what his signals are? they are 3.

  1. lights, flicker on and off.
  2. phone ring but nobody there, except creepy sounds of the ghostlight.
  3. the guard ringing slasher arrived in a shadowy bus with red mist. then he emerge's from the bus'es doors and he get's to the door walks to your area, you know what happen's next? HE GET'S YOU!