At about midnight i was watching tv when i got bored and started flipping through Channels. When i noticed somthing strange spongebob was coming up which was weird spongebob never comes on at midnight but i didnt really care cause there was nothing on and i was bored so i clicked. On it and there i was same intro same every thing the only thing different were spongebob and patricks face they were dissorted and the eyes were bloodshot. Besides. spongebob and patrick were playing in jellyfish field when they came across a pitt. At the bottom there was red what i supossed was blood then spongebob and patrick started giggling and prancing around it which was odd it was all silent only the giggling was heared. Then they stopped then spongebob said to patrick in a dissorted voice "GET IN!!!!!!!" As he shoved patrick into the pitt realistic screaming can be heared as he fell leaving me in terror "why? Why did spongebob push patrick "As patrick hit the bottom there was a realistic bone crushing sound. I ran to the bathroom vomiting. As soon as i came out the screen was dissorted but i can still make out a sillouet of spongebob and he said "NO MORE PATRICK!!!!" Then started laughing maniacally then my tv went to static i couldnt sleep at night so i had to call my friend if i can come over i haven't forgotten slept since

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