Spongebob was my favorite show from my childhood. It was my favorite show, I'd even had my bedroom painted yellow and never miss an episode of spongebob. When season six came out I loss interest in watching the new spongebob episodes. The new episodes was just complete bullshit.

Last year, I was in my living room Watching tv. I was watching an old episode of spongebob, the episode "something smells" was playing. after the commercial break, the sister episode  "bossy boots" was supposed to show up on screen. But instead, showed spongebob and squidward dancing joyfully and the background showed flying dollar bills in a yellow background. Then showed mr krabs dancing as well. This goes on for a minute then shows spongebob and squidward dancing and what the background appears to look like a life like image of New York City. The next scene shows mr krabs in the city, but what was strange is that the city blows up. Like if bomber jets nuked the entire city.

Then shows the explosion in New York City, with spongebob and squidward still dancing while everybody is being burned around them. Then shows a misshapen version of mr krabs dancing above the flames. Playing old low quality music.

After that then shows both spongebob  and squidward still dancing, but spongebob has a frightened look on his face.

His eyes are bloodshot red and is missing his mouth. Squidward's face looked so realistically creepy. I was getting scared at this point.

Mr krabs is now seen in the woods laughing uncontrollably. Almost if he was happy for all the people dying in the explosion. The last scene shows creepy spongebob and squidward dancing at sunset. Both their body's were black, for a split second I could've sworn I saw a face on screen.

The episode ends with the credits, and an upcoming episode of "the fairly odd parents". 

All I could think about is the disturbingly creepy faces on spongebob and squidward. And how mr krabs just didn't care about the people dying.

I have never seen an episode like that in my life, and hope I never see one like that ever again.



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