Note: This has simlaires with "Robot and monster unaired episode", so don't go "HURR DURR, YOU COPIED ROBOT AND MONSTER UNAIRED EPISODE CREEPYPASTA". Don't be crazy, its made up!

Do you know the Show Pete and Pete?Well i do not after that what i saw.I was once in a store,and was looking for some cool video game to buy.Then i saw this pete and pete DvD.I watched the show a few times and found it funny.So i bought it and quickly went home.I took a bottle of pepsi and popcorn and put the dvd in the dvd player.But it didnt work.After a few minutes it finally started to run.I sat down to watch.It started without intro.pete walked through the street a few minutes.There was no sound.He then stopped at the golden gate bridge.pete came from behind and pushed him down.I was shocked.Who the fuck made this shit?pete turned to the tv and said,,YOURE NEXT GEO GUY;;.Oh shit.How did he know my name?I took out the dvd and threw it in the trash.Then i woke up in my bed.It was midnight.I Thought i had a bad dream and switched off the lights.But then ive heard something whisper...psst...i told you youre were next...

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