Before I mention something disturbing, I just want to tell you, if you find anything like this, Please do not download it, or else you may have this terrifying moment in your head forever.

I was searching on the Pirate Bay site to find a high quality Wreck-It Ralph DVD Rip, and apparently, I found upon a link called "Wreck-It Ralph (HD, FULL, Deleted Scenes included)", I went to click this, and the website had to refresh a few times, after it stopped refreshing, The information was hardly noticeable, The Description only read, "SEE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, THIS TORRENT HAS THE GREATEST WRECK IT RALPH MOVIE YET, FEATURING HQ, HD AND DELETED SCENES.

The download was just put today, and there were no comments, I went to go get this to download, and it came up on UTorrent ready for download, just as it was done, and the speed was SO incredible, too many viruses popped up, and it was terminating my whole computer, before it's disk reached FULL, I burned the entire Wreck-it Ralph stuff to a DVD with Windows DVD Maker (A program you may have not heard of, it makes DVD menus), and then once I reinstalled the computer, I put the DVD in, and the DVD menu popped up.

I was so excited, I went to go get some popcorn and some coke, then I sat down, and was ready to watch the show, as I clicked the play button, things started to take a turn for the worst, it started off pretty normal about Ralph talking about his job, but at the middle of it, it went static, I heard King Candy's voice, but deep "It's game over for both of you!", the scene went to static for 5 minutes, once it resumed, We were at the Diet Cola Hot Springs, Vanellope was there, and she was laying in her bed, sobbing heavily, she had been injured and she was bruised, She was crying in a realistic child voice, "Why? Why did you do this to me....", Suddenly, Wreck it Ralph came over, he had bloodshot eyes, like if he was on drugs, he asked Vanellope in a deep and distorted voice, "Are you alright? You look a little depressed".

There came the violent twitching and static, with a line running up and down, a twitch of a second, Vanellope was limp, then came up the next following scene with King Candy.

King Candy was in a terrible state, with blood all over his body, he held a kitchen knife on his hands, he was laughing, and he did not look so good, he just looked so like in a mental illness, Duncan was asking him if he was alright, King Candy made no response, he whispered "find that glitch, destroy her kart, she can't be allowed to race... I love that sentence..." he walked over to a secret basement, bashed open the door, and what I saw, was disgusting.

There were loads of bodies laying around in a pool of blood, and there was Vanellope Von Schweetz, she was mangled up, and her jaw was snapped, her nose was bent right and her body was cut open with all the intestines hanging, King Candy started laughing again, and this time, he was glitching, he became Turbo, and really, he was going Turbo, he ran to brutally keep murdering Vanellope, we started hearing demonic voices, a kid screaming words like "Sorry mom, please don't hurt me, I love you, no, stop.", and there was deep mumuring he kept shouting violently.

"GLITCH! GLITCH! GLITCH! DON'T! YOU! TAKE! MY! THUNDER! AWAY! FROM! ME!" I puked out my popcorn and spewed out my drink, "What is going on here!", King Candy (Now revealed as Turbo) started crying, and the tears were so realistic like if they were coming from the TV, next, he slit his body open and was cutting all the intestines from it, he was laughing though, he was injuring himself, then came Wreck-it Ralph, he shouted, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THAT KID!!"

Wreck-it Ralph came over and snapped King Candy's neck, and then got a can of food from what appears to be a fridge in his kitchen? This is when I was going, "He has a kitchen, in a castle?" Wreck-it Ralph came over with a can of food, and clobbered King Candy's head, and left the can with King Candy's blood now on it by dropping it, he then picked up a frying pan, and of course, did the same thing to King Candy, the next thing we saw, is that King Candy was on the floor, in blood, and it looked so, horrible, and, sick, Wreck-it Ralph then whispered in tears and anger, "The pain will be more than real".

Then static came, things were getting big here though, there came the screaming from a woman, she was screaming in a temper "DIE, DIE, DIE!", a baby was choking to death, this may probably show there was a strangling murder scene here, but then, it stopped, and the credits rolled, but everything was silent. Apparently, all the Wreck-it Ralph stuff, was all this, I couldn't believe such a thing, my computer caught fire and I threw it out the window, it exploded, apparently it overheated, I would never see such a thing anymore.

I called Disney to see if they knew this, they mentioned "Where did you find that? we were never supposed to let you know this little project, I'm sorry all of your dreams at Disney are crushed, We-" they were cut off, I went to find the torrent, but apparently, it was gone, and so was the user I never bothered about this again, but it will always stay stuck in my head, forever.

The Murdering in the static was never recognized by the detectors or police, they said they would  have kept looking for it, but later, they gave up quickly, and it was never heard of again...

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