After that twisted episode, I smashed the VCR with a hammer. I saw that Nicolas Mininson was on Twitter, and decided to contact him about the episode. Surprise, he replied to my message:

"Sorry to see that, let me explain.

We had a intern who helped us with most of the episodes of Hurt Christian and Sophia Show.

He didn't like how everything in those shows had to be 'kid-friendly', and decided to take a dark-look on those few shows.

Possibly, the animation you watched, was one of his.

But, I swear, I don't know how he got them to air on television.



I asked him if I could see anymore of his works, if he had any of course. He said that before the intern went missing, he gave him a tape labeled "SOPHIASHOWPART2". I assumed that tape was possibly part 2 to the episode I watched, seeing as the one I watched he made. The next day, I was watching TV, just the normal news. Until, I heard a knock at the door, it was Nicolas. We chatted for a little while, before he handed me the tape. We said our goodbyes, and he was gone. I inserted the tape into my repaired VCR, and it played.

"I know how much you wanted this, Nicolas..." Said the white text on the screen, it faded to black.

"That's why I made a part 2 to my... creation." The white text said again.

It faded to black. Then it came back, this time with a title card reading "Torture". Man, this guy was sick, I wonder what made him so satanic. It showed a basement, like from the other episode, a dim-light was hanging from above, slowly swaying back and fourth. It showed the 2 girls, they were tied up, their breast still exploded with blood from the nails and they were still covered in shit. Meanwhile, the bodies of their family were hanged with chains, this must have been some-sort of chamber. The disgusting part was, the girls were naked, when I mean "naked" I mean completely naked. There was no clothing or top, just naked.

A sound of footsteps walking downstairs was heard, it got louder as the episode progressed. It showed that monster, I which I recognized the species to be a demonic-looking leprechaun. He was too naked, his penis was showing, very droopy and sagging. His eyes were darting around the room, then at the two girls. His frown turned into a grin. He grabbed one of the girls with all his might, and began to fuck her, inserting his penis into her butthole.

"It hurts, It hurts!" Said the first girl, but the monster didn't listen. He just kept fucking her.

By the time he was done, feces and blood covered the room. The girl was now-lifeless, her skin was pale and very-white, her eyes were grey. She moaned, and coughed up some blood. The leprechaun looked at her. He grabbed his penis, and sticked it in her mouth, she began to suck it. The leprechaun cummed in her mouth, he kept yelling at her to drink it, she kept refusing. The leprechaun grabbed a gun, and pointed it to her head.

"DRINK IT, BITCH!!!" He yelled.

She began to drink all of his cum, her skin was even more-pale by the time she was done. She fell onto the floor, with a loud thud. The leprechaun grabbed a cup, he started to piss into it. He grabbed a bottle of pills and dumped them into it. Then he grabbed a bottle labeled "XXX" and "DO NOT OVERDOSE!!!", and then he poured it into the cup. He handed the cup to the girl, then yelled at her to drink it. She had no choice but to drink it. After drinking it, she started to vomit. And she too landed on the floor with a thud, the leprechaun laughed with glee, and walked out of the basement. He put up a sign reading "THEME-PARK, FREE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY". Obviously planning to do it all over again.

I grabbed the tape, took a hammer, and smashed it to pieces. I swear to god, I never want to see it again.

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