Note: this story is in the point of view of fellow Blue's Clues character Tickety Tock.

The Pasta

In 2007, Fox produced The Simpsons Movie, a full-length movie based on the TV Show. The movie came out the same time Blue's Room ended. But once on Amazon I was searching up The Simpsons Movie for my friend Blue. Then I saw "THE SIMPSONS MOVIE: LOST DIRECTORS CUT". I thought "Hmmm, I wonder to get this or not.", but I clicked "Add To Cart" anyway. Three days later, I said "I got The Simpsons Movie for you!" to Blue. I got some lemonade and popcorn for us, then the movie started. First, the film started and with Chief Wiggum saying "You got to listen, Lou." to Lou. Well, the shot just stays there with dead silence. Six minutes later, there was the scene where Russ Cargill was putting a bomb over Springfield. Wow, that was late in the film and later it was static. The only thing we could get was Russ Cargill over Homer and slit his throat and ate his voice box. Eww. I puked while Blue didn't. Then a message saying "Kill Homer Simpson" in that Simpsonized font popped up. As Blue and I sat there for 55 seconds, I heard a voice saying: "Kill me" and I saw a plush doll Homer Simpson with red eyes smiling. Quickly, I ring my bells to defeat him.

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