I'm sure many people know The Simpsons many do I do to. It is a masterpiece of a show and would always bring a smile onto my face though this nearly changed after this experience with a lost episode.

One day I was looking up some Simpsons Episodes on Amazon when I saw something that caught my eye at the bottom of the fourth page. It said

"NEVER BEFORE SEEN. THE SIMPSONS LOST EPISODE SEASON 19 RARE". There was a DVD in the picture and said "The Simpsons Unaired Episode" in dark grey sharpie. It was only 1 dollar and it came in the mail two days later. I popped the DVD in and got a chair. At first there was a minute of static which was odd. Then it cut to the intro but it was not normal. It was very loud and I heard a screeching noise which reminded me of a train sliding down a slippery track with it's brakes on trying to stop.

The episode started with Bart boarding a school bus with his class on a field trip and it looked normal. Turns out they were going to a lab to see some potions. Bart was fooling around and went into a restricted part of the lab of untested potions. Bart drank a potion and stared at the camera for 50 seconds. Suddenly his eyes turned red as if he was possessed by a demon and grabbed a sword. Bart came up to his class and started killing the other students by chopping their heads off or stabbing them until they died.

It then showed Bart running home in which Homer and Marge were watching tv until Bart burst in. He then said "Mom Dad bye bye" before killing them. For the rest of the episode it was just Bart killing everyone he saw.

The last scene showed Bart at a graveyard with the dead corpses of everyone in Springfield and said "I'm gonna find you." Instead of credits there was Hebrew text translating into "Bart's coming for you fast, you cant hide". The DVD ended from there.

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