The image of Spongebob dead.

When i was digging through my room, i found this tape called: Spongebob's Incident

I thought what? It was a VHS. So i popped it into the VCR.

And it showed the title card with the top of the screen messed up a little

Screenshot 2014-07-15-23-47-24-1

The title card.

Awkwardly, the title card is your shoe's untied. I thought oh, they must've messed up and did the title wrong... but that wasnt it, when the transition came, it made a huge loud beep noise. And cut to black for a second, and it's seized.

Very detailed, black and white also. And static can be heard. Then the static stops then the VHS glitches, and with a loud beep noise. And it cut to spongebob dead. And sad music plays, there is also a photo of this text on the screen.

Screenshot 2014-07-15-23-54-13-1

The seizing part.

Screenshot 2014-07-16-00-02-10-1

The image of the text.

Screenshot 2014-07-16-00-02-25-1

The tape seizing and ending.

Then it seizes and ends.

However, the tape somehow got on mediafire, which im not giving the link to ya!

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