Jake dressed in black

Screenshot of Jake dressed in black

I was recently told by my friends to tell about a alleged "director's cut" of General Mills' commercial entitled "Satur-Yay-Aaah!!! Wednesday." how did I discover such video you ask? one of my friends is an extreme hacker, if you ever met him you would call him the hacker to go down in history. 

He told this:

"While I was hacking into General Mills' website, I found a strange version of the ad "Satur-Yay-Aaah!!! Wednesday." hope you enjoy my discovery (:"

At the end was a download for the alleged video, I clicked on it and a file started downloading. The video opened up. It showed Jake, bringing his suitcase into the kitchen, the only thing different was that the audio and the animation didn't sync up (also appeared that the screen was zooming in on something?) So it must have been unfinished, in that case: more different than the original.

I came to so many questions like: maybe it's gonna be longer or more lines for the others. My thoughts were quickly filtered out to the picture of Orange's face, pressed into the camera. He closed his eyes and opened them, his line "A bit of Saturday everyday, part of a good breakfast" didn't sync with his mouth, in fact it finished before it reached him. 

It cut to black, but the timeline said there was more footage. I continued to stare into the blackness for a couple minutes, until it continued, it was longer? Maybe more of my questions will be answered, it showed Jake dressed in black. He was talking in a different language though, this didn't make any sense, why would it be in another language? the video then ended, a pop-up popped up saying:

Error, video file not found!

The error box was titled "Orange is watching you." I swear to god, I jumped back in fear, no I really pissed my pants. Since then, I felt like I was being stalked, I see corner of the eye glimpse of a small orange figure at night. The thing told me the only way to stop it, was to "spread the word" about this cursed file. I have no choice but to show you the file.

The VideoEdit