I've seen so many TV shows in my life. 5 shows I love are: Friends, The Office, Scrubs, Full House and Cheers. One day at my job back in 2007 as a garbage-man, I dumped out the garbage in the truck and noticed a copy of "The Office" fall out. I grabbed it, despite it being dirty and at the end of my shift, I took it home. The DVD read "theofficemichael.wmv". I was puzzled, but I popped it in my DVD player.

The episode started with Michael walking in, looking sad. Dwight walked over to him, asking whats wrong. Michael pushed him away. Dwight kept asking and, to my surprise, Michael slapped him and yelled. Michael goes into his office and slammed the door shut. He repeatedly knocked things over and banged his head on the wall. I was shocked.

Michael broke open a window and appeared to try and jump out, but Dwight stopped him. Michael threatened him, before going out and climbing the latter going up to the roof. When he got to the top, he kept shouting and shouting as loud as he could, "YOU DID THIS TO ME, YOU! YOU UNDESERVING BITCH!" before jumping off the roof, killing himself.

The episode ended, and I was in...complete silence. I could NOT believe what I saw. I contacted Ricky Gervais, one of the creators of The Office, and asked him about the episode. He reluctantly told me that after a staff member's girlfriend dumped him, he killed himself by jumping off the same roof that Michael jumped off in the episode.

Ricky also stated that he was so devestated by the suicide, that he made a "Secret" episode to recreate what happened with the staff member, explaining why Michael yelled "YOU UNDESERVING BITCH!".

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