A Creepypasta about the alleged lost episode of The Netflix Smash Bros. Show, titled "The End of GoAnimate".

A Trip to Yog Box Studios

As a boy, I always loved watching The Netflix Smash Bros. Show religiously. I was always prepared to see the season introductions and finales based on the games and the episodes of what the characters did before their next battle against their new foe. But I no longer became interested in the show after one alleged episode...

One day, my parents dropped me off at Yog Box Studios and took my sisters to the pet store. I went inside and decided to watch some Netflix Smash Bros. in the Viewing Room, since it's my favorite show. At the DVD shelf, I found a blank case that had the phrase, "NSB Lost Episode" written on it in black marker. Upon finding the case, I somehow didn't remember if I did see this episode, or if I didn't. Being a curious individual, I decided to check it out for myself.

I went up to the Viewing Room guard to let him scan the case. Upon looking at it however, he paused for a few seconds and said something rather disturbing, "This episode is cursed, kid. They say that if you watch it, you could be scarred for the rest of your life. Nobody will understand it..." What was he trying to say? Was he saying that the episode is cursed? Ah, what a bunch of baloney. Anyways, the guard scanned the case anyway and I proceeded to enter the Viewing Room.

I put the disc in the DVD player and hit Play. A menu came up and it was just nothing white blackground with a black text in the middle of the screen that read:

"Watch at your own risk..."

I pushed the button on that rather disturbing text and decided to watch the episode anyway, since I was thinking that someone was trying to play a joke on me.

The Terror Begins

When the opening came up, I noticed that a few things seemed off. First off, the quality of the video graphics looked pretty murky, like someone recorded via VHS. The animation looked like it wasn't done yet, the rating was TV-MA instead of TV-G and the theme song was very low in pitch and distorted. I felt disturbed when I saw this, but I ignored it, thinking it was just numerous errors that the writers and animators forgot to fix. The title card read, "The End of GoAnimate" - a sort of sad title, I know. The card's background showed SpongeBob, Ed and Heavy standing next to each other in complete darkness. The odd thing about them was that they had no eyes and there were bruises all over their bodies. The only two colors in the background were black and red. On top of that, the title card's jingle was just faint static. That picture made me feel deeply disturbed, but as a loyal Netflix Smash Bros. fan, I proceeded to view the episode.

Scene 1

Once the episode started playing, it immediately looked out-of-the-ordinary. It began with Ed sitting in the corner of Mrs. Puff's classroom at night. There was nobody around, not even Mrs. Puff was in the room; it was just Ed all alone. The camera showed him looking forlorn and I could hear him crying quietly. This lasted for about a minute or two before a knock at the door was heard. The camera switched to the back of Ed's head. Ed turned into the viewer's direction and stared at the camera with a furious expression on his face, followed by a thunderclap in the background. The stare was creepy enough to make me feel itchy.

Suddenly, the door was smashed open to reveal Darth Vader and Tyrannosaurus Alan. The Hater of the Galaxy too was angry, but with red eyes. Alan looked very afraid. Darth Vader yelled at Ed in Sarah's voice, "ED! YOU DESTROYED MY DEATH STAR!" That was strange, because I didn't see Ed ruin a place. Darth Vader began to walk towards Ed, ready to pounce on him. But before he could begin beating him up, the screen immediately cut to the main view of Fluttershy's house. "Wow, that was disgusting," I thought. "I think someone made it black-ish." What I didn't know by now was that something bad was coming.

Scene 2

The next scene showed Phineas and Ferb inside Fluttershy's house. Inside the house, there were numerous animals lying dead on the floor with depressed expressions on their faces and fresh scars that bled realistic blood. For a minute or two, Phineas began staring at the dead animals and eventually started crying. This was almost as if he cared about Fluttershy's pets and they really meant a lot to him. As for Ferb, he got annoyed and decided to leave Phineas alone with the animals. The crying lasted for about two minutes before the screen went to black, followed by the sound of glass breaking.

I paused the video and began to worry; this was nothing you would usually see in a kids' show based on a video game series. I was very reluctant to resume the episode, but I had continue watching it. What could happen?

Scene 3

This time, the scene showed Courage in Danville, lying down on the middle of the street. The camera was in full view of him. I heard faint static growing louder as the camera began to slowly zoom in on his face. Then, just when it got half closer to him, a sequence of a live-action crash at a race car track was shown. The camera snapped back to Courage, but there was a song of what sounded like a girl singing a lullaby. After the suspense, the static ended and the girl stopped singing. There was no sound for three seconds before Courage woke up followed by a loud drumbeat. The face was incredibly terrifying - the eyes were pulsating, bleeding and bloodshot with green dots for pupils, the mouth hung open with teeth that reminded me of a shark and his entire face began to melt horrifically.

Courage stood up, looked at the sky and let out an ear-piercing screech that nearly gave me a heart attack, which lasted for about five seconds before the scene faded out. As the Commercials came on, I thought to myself, "That was probably scary. Is this a sign for what's to come?" That's the question nobody wants to answer, so I was ready to be trapped in the dark galaxy.

Scene 4

When the show came back, I was instantly greeted with a hairy Twilight Sparkle in Eddy's room, fisting Applejack repeatedly. Applejack was crying blood from her eyes and she pleaded, "Stop, Twilight! It hurts so much!" But Twilight refused to stop. The loop kept on going for three minutes before the screen cut to... 2Fort? I was so confused.

Scene 5

The next scene showed Scout at 2Fort Headquarters. He was wearing a fancy purple suit with black shorts and combat boots. I heard him sighing heavily. He sat down on a bench next to a dead BLU Soldier and he began to sob intensely, like he lost something very important. The animation began to stretch at this point. On top of that, colors began to change as the crying became louder and more full of hurt feelings and anger.

This lasted for about 50 seconds and then, I heard footsteps coming from the pipe under the bridge. It was Jack, but he was straight green. He sat down beside Scout and began to comfort him in an unusually warm fashion. I almost started to cry when I saw this depressing moment. The comforting lasted for about two minutes and Jack became angry as he decided to go back into the pipe. The screen again went to black and the glass breaking sound from earlier was heard again, only this time it sounded a bit louder. "This... Was.... UNEXPECTED TO ME," I thought. "We're in grave danger." And just for that, I was ready for the supreme.

Scene 6 (It gets even worse...)

The episode went to Courage walking down the streets of Springfield and I was so relieved that he didn't have that same scary face from earlier. But somehow, he had a dismal look on his face and the walking kept on going, like out of The Flintstones. In the background, there was no music. It was a murmur of what sounded like a person speaking either Japanese, or Korean and it seemed to have been accompanied with really creepy and raspy moaning. As the buildings began to become rubble, the picture began to get weird. On the sixth minute, the contrast began to flash from light to dark, the pace of Courage's walking became faster and the dismal face of the dog was slowly curling into a smirk.

Suddenly, the murmur turned into a bloodcurdling scream. The contrast began to flash faster, the buildings became more decrepit, the picture got very obscure and black and white images crossed over the shot. Those were some of the things I was afraid of at the time: a person falling off a cliff, a snake slithering on someone's face, an extreme close-up of an ant, a chicken being slaughtered and a bloodied pill filled with black fluid. Courage's smile pointed upwards on the left side of his face and the contrast was at full speed of flashing. The walking pace of Courage began to go faster and faster, until a gunshot was heard, causing Courage to fall to the ground, followed by a thud. The screaming and the flashing stopped and it stayed there on his lifeless body. After that, the scene ends and fades out to a silent black screen. I began to cry at the sight of one of my favorite characters getting killed. I don't remember much about that scene I watched, but I'll go ahead and skip some detailing. Can this get very bad?

The Final Scene

The episode then went to the final scene like they always do, but something wasn't right. It, was, all, GoAnimate in no type at all. We're talking about this now. Eric was in his room and he is very angry. In his mind, he said he really hates PC Guy. Eric is so optimistic all the time; why would he be acting like this? Then, there were realistic footsteps that sounded like somebody was walking down my stairs. PC Guy came in and said, "Hi, Eric." I watched in shock as Eric grabbed a bloodied chainsaw from his closet and yelled at the top of his lungs, "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM!" Wow, I cannot believe Eric used coarse language! PC Guy then ran out of the room and Eric chased him and tried to kill him. The screen cut to static for two minutes before it showed a still image of Eric running on the roof of his house with a nail bat. Okay, that's pretty awkward.

That disturbing scene was very violent, and when the episode rolled to the commercials again, I thought to myself, "This is not good. What if PC Guy was killed?" I was so damm ready for this, and when the show returned, I realised that it was... Real. The gore run was already starting to get... Well, bloody. In the same style of chases in movies such as "Blade Runner", PC Guy ran out of the door and Eric was right behind him. PC Guy turned around and cried with mercy, "I DID NOTHING TO YOU!!!" Eric tried to throw the chainsaw at PC Guy. It landed on his head and PC Guy's scream was very loud. In fact, it was so loud that it made my ears bleed. Also, his screaming sounded... realistic, as if his voice actor was very terrified. I stared horrified at the Desert Eagle Eric was holding in his hand as he whispered to PC Guy in a demonic voice, "Sweet dreams, PC Guy." Three seconds later, Eric shot him and blood came onto the screen, followed by brain pieces. The blood and the pieces were either red food coloring squirted onto the screen with small bits of rubber, or... REAL!!

PC Guy's corpse was then shown in a not-so-realistic, but a bit real than CGI footage with a random noise of what sounded like a heartbeat for the remainder of the episode. The credits were silent and the picture was a faceless Ash, Bart Simpson and Luke Skywalker at the cemetery standing next to a gravestone that read: "R.I.P.: PC Guy" The episode proceeds to end.


I took the disc out of the DVD player and I thought to myself, "What the heck did I just watch? Was this really made by the Yog Box, or was this a bootleg?" I didn't know, so I grabbed a hammer and smashed the disc to pieces. This was the only way that I wouldn't let anyone see it.

I may still enjoy the show, but I'll never be the same after that unholy episode I just watched. If you find another copy of this episode, don't watch it. Stay far away from it and obliterate it for your own sake!