That Mickey Mouse image we just saw!

I just want to start off by saying if you want an answer at the end, prepare to be disappointed. There just isn't one.

I went to college for my degree in video art. It wasn't that it evolves on something else, but more like a 1-year job. After I graduated, I found a tape that was supposed to be "Fear of a Drunken Clam" and took it home.

To me, I've never watched anything on a VHS tape in all of my life. So I decided to watch it instead. What I saw was a trailer of Stuart Little.... but I had to accept. About a minute later, this "Feature Presentation" title card came up. What happenes is that I kept watching this, and then, it happened. The unagraded Suicidemouse.avi.

As I kept watching it, I was all like "Oh, come on! I should've thought I would say "Go on!"."  Act 2 of Suicidemouse.avi begins with just Mickey Mouse walking down the road, and then, this happens. Imagery flashing at me: "What a relief!" I said calmy. But as the noise got more louder over the next minute, I was startled that after the last minute, the music box started to come up. Then at the very end, I repeated several times muffled "Real suffering is not known" 7 times before the next cartoon comes up. Then again, what happening remains to be seen.

Then, I watched this GoAnimate cartoon entitled My Poor Slippy V. Yeah, you heard it right! Everything is repeated from My Poor Stimpy, since Ren and Stimpy got cancelled afterwards. And instead of blood, none of the horrorific graphics were made with GoAnimate. Whether I'm using Flash or not, this happens to be made with GoAnimate. The next cartoon was Squidward's Suicide. I wouldn't even want to watch this as a prank, but anyways, I ended up watching it. The worst part that get to me was Squidward crying at his bedroom. I got very scared that I want to bust the TV set, I really am. The cartoon ends with Squidward killing himself, but then, I ignored it.

And finally, there's this last cartoon that goes with the tape. It's a PaRappa the Rapper short, but it's kinda not good to watch. The name of it is Sunny Funny's Screaming Side. Comparing to Red Mist, this one is about Sunny Funny being alone in the dark. It went on for the whole cartoon until the tape had ended.

After all of this, I burnt it through my fireplace, and I don't want to watch it again. Every night, I got nightmares about the tape that I just saw. What I believed to be was that I saw a Mickey Mouse 30s-styled monster that was trying to kill me, then there's this Squidward.exe. He also tried to kill me. I knew it! Here's what my best friend wrote for me:


I can't live like this anymore. You need to quit school and find something to do everyday (Mowing the lawn, doing chores, cleaning up your room, etc.).

If you think that the tape is real, don't tell me! I don't want to know. But you gotta believe me, there's something going on! I'm sorry, but you left me no other choice. I called your teacher and said that you watched the tape after you got it.

I still love you, though. But as always, you thought that it was interesting, but trust me! All you ever watched in the beginning of the tape was the trailer for Stuart Little. You know that I used to love Stuart Little as a kid! Then, there was this imagery flashing thing that made you go nuts about it. (You watched that tape, so sorry if you made up with that)

If you wish to find me a cool gift, think of something different like SpongeBob or some kinda cool, Disney flare to it. And you also watched Squidward killing himself.

Now that I can't watch SpongeBob because of this. But I do remember one episode of it. And that was all I can tell.

Get back to me,


The note was rapid-shared by everyone including myself. I've yet to find this interesting, though. And, that's all there was. Sometime around 2016, I went to the page where the note was uploaded. I responded: "Spread the word, Reo! There's nothing to worry about!". Then, that same night around 2016, my nightmares are gone forever. Now that I can sleep everytime I wanted to! It's like they don't want to kill me anymore.