Do any of you know about The Mighty B? It is a show that aired on Nickelodeon through April 26, 2008 through June 12, 2011. I was just at Target, and then I found a bootleg DVD of The Mighty B! which said: The Mighty B! Lost Episode. I came home with it and then I put it in my portable DVD player. The intro played just like in every episode. The title card said: "The Death of Bessie Higgenbottom". That seemed dark for an episode of a kids cartoon. It took place where Bessie and her pet dog Happy, her brother Ben Higgenbottom, and her mom. Bessie was up at midnight with her pet dog Happy. But when Bessie was up, her eyes were blood red. And then Bessie decided to watch TV after she woke up. After that, it cut to static. And then, Bessie was walking down a street while she was depressed. And then, it cut to static again. Then it cut to Bessie crying in her room, and then Bessie brang a knife. After that, she stabbed herself in the chest. The credits were playing, but the music was in G-major. But the closing logos were not normal, the Nickelodeon Productions logo was red and blurry. After I saw it, I tossed the DVD to Nickelodeon Animation Studios and ran to my room and watched an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball.

The DVD case.

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