Hello. My name is Tristan Thiele. I am 10 years old. I am a fan of the loud house. But have you heard of the episode that never came to air? It all started in 2016. I was on the internet. I found a website called www. Find It was a website that had lost pieces of media. I found an episode of the loud house called Demon Lincoln. I watched the video.  

It had the normal intro but no title card. It slowly zoomed in to Lincoln's room. He had red eyes and was smiling evil. It than went to Lincoln watching Lori and Bobby dancing. Lincoln than ripped out Lori's intestines and strangled Bobby with them. It than went to Luan practicing her jokes. She went to get some juice. When she came back, she saw Lincoln in her room. Lincoln than ripped out her intestines. It than went to Lisa making an invention. Lincoln cut off her head and stuffed the invention in her. It than ended with Lincoln and Satan hugging. I was horrified of what I saw.