I've been watching The Loud House for the past few hours. One day, the date was on a Friday, 26th January 2018. I was heading home by a train from Kansas City, Missouri to my suburb home in Kansas with my school friends. I arrived home and then threw my schoolbag onto a wooden chair and run up to my TV room and switched it on. I switched the channel from a Korean Drama to Nickelodeon, Spongebob was on until it was about to end. Then Nickelodeon said that a new episode of The Loud House was going to be on in five minutes. I got ready for this new episode.

Once the episode started I was jumping up and down. After the theme song. The title card said Demon Lincoln. There were also the sounds of demons laughing playing in the background. The title card was somewhat similar to In Tents Debate where the sisters were glaring at Lincoln with either red or blue but this it was not just the sisters but also the parents, Rita and Lynn Sr were also glaring at Lincoln. All 12 of them were just creepy. It started with the outside of the house (as usual). It cut to Lincoln's room. His eyes were bloodshot. He said

"Well, I guess I have no choice but to do this."

It cut to black for 30 seconds. After that, Lincoln was raging and his face was turning red. I then heard a bang, possibly something hard and lanky dropped onto the floor. I was really horrified to rectify myself that this was actually not like the usual style uses for the Loud House. Just then Rita shouted

"LINCOLN! What is going on up there?!"

The mother, Rita yelled as she startled from all that racket coming from the upstairs. She was in the basement washing clothes and carrying out laundry while Lynn Sr was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

"Nothing, Mom and Dad!"

Lincoln hollered. When Lincoln completed turned himself into a demon, he started ramaging the house. I concealed my eyeballs and released my palm of my hand at the wrong second.

The house was absolutely gone. But what feared me the most was the Loud Family was in the sight of serious casualties. The 12 of them(the sisters and the parents) were bleeding heavily from their heads to their toes with their clothes being rippled and crippled.

"This is literally catastrophic!“

Lori screamed.

"This totes gotta be something important!"

Leni replied.

"How could you do this, bro?! I thought you were in our family!“

Luna yelled.

"This casual fun gonna lead us to catastrophic casualties, Oh Bother! Get it? But seriously, we need ambulance!"

Luan stated.

"Where and how are we going to find an ambulance when our house is being raptured with full of wreckage?!"

Lynn questioned.

"Yeah, the spirits said we would end up with torture in hell if it is too late."

Lucy commented.

"Ahh! This isn't mud, it's blood!"

Lana squealed in fear. How am gonna perform beauty pageants with blood all over my face?!"

Lola asked frantically.

"According to my observation, our blood amount is decreasing gradually. WE NEED MEDICAL ATTENTION RIGHT AWAY!"

Lisa shouted in shock. Lily was screaming in pain. Rita and Lynn Sr were finding the telephone to dial for 911 but it was too late, the telephone has been smashed, thanks to Lincoln's instinct and sinister. It then cut to black yet again lasting 8 seconds.

The time card shows 1 week later, implying one week had passed. It showed the exterior view of the Loud House, only it was barely rebuilt. The camera cut to the Royal Woods Public Hospital. The whole Loud Family except Lincoln was in the Emergency Room all bandages wrapped onto their bodies. I was relieved that they didn't die nor I didn't feel it was Lincoln's fault for causing all of this. "SERVES YOU RIGHT FOR BLAMING AND ABUSING ME THAT TIME!" Lincoln, in the ER bellowed them.

Because they(the sisters and the parents) all of a sudden recalled the past events. Those past events were actually from the episodes No Such Luck and Read Aloud. The clips were in flashbacks forms, in No Such Luck, after Lincoln read

"Sorry, you can't sleep here tonight, we just can't risk it.",

He asked

"Are you kidding me?"

All of the sisters like usual, replied


But additionally, the parents, Rita and Lynn Sr were on the stairs also glaring at Lincoln. This was a shocker because in the original No Such Luck, the parents did not appear in the frame scene. And in Read Aloud, the flashback was the scene where Lola finished reading and hugging Lincoln and thanking/hugging him and when they leaved the study room, the family was mistakenly mad at Lincoln for no reason even though it was clearly Lola's fault that they didn't win the Pizza contest. Also, Lola got mad at Lincoln in that episode because he was persuading Lola to read to win the contest so all basically all 12 of them were mad at Lincoln in those two episodes. Lincoln was actually the victim and not the other members. The whole Loud Family feel apologetic and sorry and regretful towards Lincoln because in those two episodes, they neglected Lincoln even if he was innocent. That's explain why Lincoln was feeling angry and then turned in a demon. After everything went back to normal like the Loud Family being cured and recovered and the Loud House being fully rebuilt, they forgave and apologized Lincoln for thinking that he was a bad luck. The credits were of Selfie Improvement and No Place Like Homeschool version namely the cast and crews. After this the episode ends.

I looked up everywhere surfing on the Internet to see what the hell this episode was. I found nothing. On the morning 29th January, Monday, I rushed back to my school and told them what episode I have seen. They were shocked. They have no idea what that episode was. They only saw Selfie Improvement and No Place Like Homeschool. Apparently, this episode was only aired on some TVs instead of the actual episodes Selfie Improvement and No Place Like Homeschool that was intended to air. I was upset to miss good new episodes premiere. They were pretty much on a practice animation business. If you ever come across or encounter a strange episode of any TVs shows, please don't watch it and switched the TV off.