I have always been a Nickelodeon fan. In 2016, they made a new show called "The Loud House", which was created by Chris Savino. The Loud House involves a show about an 11-Year Old boy named Lincoln Loud trying to survive in a house with his ten sisters, Lily, Lisa, Lola, Lana, Lucy, Lynn, Luan, Luna, Leni and Lori.

I can recall that one day when I found a Lost DVD of the Loud House. It was a very horrifying experience, so here's the story.

I always watched The Loud House on Nickelodeon. This became one of my favorite shows and I made a schedule to record every episode. so I thought to myself, "Hmm, could there be any Loud House DVDs?"

This made me drive to the movie store. When I arrived, I went to the aisle with Nickelodeon DVDs. There were numerous DVDs and VHS Tapes. I bought two Spongebob VHS tapes that had every episode from seasons one and two, since I also liked Spongebob. Then, I found 10 DVDs of The Loud House with titles such as "Volume 1" or "Volume 2", but I found this DVD of The Loud House with a disc written with a sharper and it said

"The Loud House: Volume 7".

There were no pictures on the cover. It has a note which read, "This episode was made by an unknown person in Syria. It was found In a pile of debris after an earthquake in a pile of rubble and there was a drawer with a DVD, a picture of Lincoln and a bag of intestines, and a picture of a disfigured person similar to Chris Savino."

I later inserted the disk into my old DVD player. The main menu was just a white background. It had a selection of eight episodes:

  1. Left In the Dark
  2. Baby Steps

    The main menu.

  3. Pulp Friction
  4. 11 Louds a Lepin’
  5. Vantastic Voyage
  6. Kick the Bucket List
  7. Cover Girls
  8. Unknown

I watched all of the episodes, and they were normal. Well, all of them except for Unknown... 


My poorly drawn recreation of Lincoln with blood at his side. Also it was stolen. So sorry original creator.,

The screen showed Lincoln with blood on one side. I drew a recreation of it as you could see in the right. The Title Card was a white background with Lincoln's head then all of a sudden he became jet-black with a scorching fire In his eyes. Then It showed Lincoln going Into his room, flopping onto his bed, and saying, "Well, today is the first day of summer. Might as well read my comics in my underwear."

After that, a time card was shown saying "10 Minutes Later...". Lincoln's parents, Rita and Lynn Sr. went out to their ball room, dancing, and reminded the kids to lock the door. Leni obeyed her parents.

The next scene was Lily, Lisa, Lola Lana, Lucy, Lynn, Luna, Luan, Lori, and Lincoln on the couch with Leni standing in front of them. She announced, "I'm stupid, and now I realize that I am a loser."

Then, out of nowhere, she grabbed a bottle of cyanide pills. Everybody yelled, "Don't do it, Leni!"

Leni teared up. Suddenly, a deep voice growled, "Do it! Do it you pathetic excuse for a Loud sister! DO IT!"

She dipped her head back and swallowed all of the cyanide pills.

She started to vomit blood. A few seconds later, she fell on the floor dead. The screen cut to a screenshot of Leni with blood coming out of her mouth and nose. The back of her head was soaked with blood. Lincoln and his sisters screamed for their life.

A few days later, Lisa was making an experimental bomb when she combined every liquid she had in her small test tubes. She called everyone to see the explosion. The bomb exploded, sending her flying. She then hit the window, shattering it. When she hit the pavement, a truck ran over Lisa's back causing her to break her spine as a brutal cracking noise was heard.

She tried to call for Lincoln, but before she could speak, she died. Lincoln and his sisters came to see what happened and all of them looked very upset. Lori called the police and the ambulance. They came and pronounced her dead at the scene.

The next day, Lucy tried to commit suicide by stabbing herself with a pair of scissors. She cried, "I want to die because I want a short life."

Luna and Lynn walked in on Lucy.

"Are you trying to stab yourself?!" Luna gasped.

"I'm telling Mom!" Lynn yelled.

It was night time, and Luna and Lynn were trying to talk to Rita. All of a sudden, Luan came bursting through the door with a knife. She proceeded to stab Lucy and make a hole in the wall.

“Goodbye, world..." Lucy weakly whispered.

Then, Lucy was dead. When Luna and Lynn came in with their mom, they noticed that Lucy was gone, but all that was left were some candles, some of which were lighted. They also noticed knife marks and blood.

The next day, Lincoln was taking out the trash, when he saw his best friend, Clyde, hanging by a rope. His skin was decomposing, blood was coming out of his body, and some of his ribs were showing. One of his eyes was hanging from it's socket. It fell out, and Lincoln ran into the bathroom and started puking. He went to his room, where his sisters were there, wanting to cheer him up.

They told him that they saw Lori out the window dead. After this, his sisters decided to sleep with him.

It cut to a flashback when their dad had a celebration of killing the Jews (because he was an a-hole when he was drunk), then he went to some bar. After a few beers, Lincoln's dad was so drunk at this point, he actually had raped Lori. Lincoln wondered what the noise that he heard was and he saw the horror.

Lincoln screamed in terror and called the police. The cops arrested Lincoln's Dad and he was sentenced to five years in prison. After the family left, Luna brought his cowbell and destroyed it.

Luna was sent an invitation to a Mick Swagger concert. The invitation said, "To Luna (plus one other)!"

She was so excited, and she asked Lori if she would come with her. She said yes, and they both went to the concert. During the event, Luna was half drunk, and a strange black hooded figure gave them a box of beer, and even a pack of cigarettes. After the concert, they were driving back home late at night in the woods. They were both drunk and drugged. Suddenly, without warning, they drove off the road and fell in a ditch next to a river and flew out the van. The screen was blurry at this moment.

The next day Lincoln saw the news that  Luna and Lori Loud died in a car crash. He became sad upon hearing this.

The next scene was Lola stabbing her twin sister, Lana, with a kitchen knife. After Lana died, Lola knew that what she had done was bad. She went to the basement and hung herself. 30 seconds later, she was dead. Lincoln went to the basement to work on a project and saw Lola hanging. He screamed and ran up the stairs.

One day later, Lincoln and his sisters were in the yard playing until a stray Doberman grabbed Lily and took off running. Lincoln and his sisters tried to run after them, but it was too late. The dog mauled and devoured Lily.


This is my poorly drawn recreation of Lori and Luna getting killed in a car accident. I know, I’m bad at drawing

After that, Luan was making a video for her website. She grabbed a gun and joked, "What do you call a slingshot with a gun? A gunslinger!"

She laughed until she accidentally shot herself.

Lincoln and Lynn stormed in and screamed. They saw the video and were horrified. Luan was buried at the cemetery along with Leni, Lisa, Luna, Lori, Lana and Lola.

Lynn decided to sleep with Lincoln until she fell off the bed. She landed head-first, snapping her neck, then she died.  

The next night, Rita told Lincoln to sleep with her. He then stabbed his mom and threw his and her stuff around. After that, he said three last sentences. 

"I have made this. I was the cost. Jesus has abandoned us."

Then, he stabbed himself.

The episode ended.

I got nightmares from seeing the death of the members of the Loud family. I stopped watching Nick and I threw away all my  Nickelodeon items like my SpongeBob plush, my TV, and the other nickelodeon DVDs I had. I lost my sanity. Someone found me and locked me in a mental ward. I know, it sounds weird that I was locked up due to a kid's show, but it happened. I later escaped and went back to my house.

Later, I knew that the final three sentences that Lincoln said were true. Jesus actually has abandoned us. All of the violence and corruption around the world. I guess there's no time to get over this. This is a good time to kill myself. I'm posting this here because nobody will believe me. I'm on the balcony of my apartment, looking down the road with crowds just using their cellphones, not even trying to help me. I knew that He had abandoned all of us.