While I was walking. I saw a VHS in a bush. Labeled THE LOUD HOUSE LOST EPISODE: THE DEATH OF EVERYONE. I was thinking. What was that show? I don't know. But I went to my house and tried to find a vcr. I did find a vcr in the attic. I played it.

It showed the intro. But something isn't right. it is muted. Oh. I guess it's the title. But actully it wasn't. After the intro. there was no title. Went to the show. It showed the house. But It was extremely distorted. The windows were red. The roof was gold. Everything else was flashy. I wasn't prone to epilepsy. It showed Lincoln in. Bed and he was gonna get up. Then he got a knife when he woke up. I paused. It didn't work. He killed his mom with a G11. then he threw a knife at his dads eye. Then he stabbed Lori in the leg. shot Leni in the shoulder with a bullet from. A gold desert eagle he exploded Luna with a stemtex. Which sticked in the leg. Then her leg fell off. Then shot luan with a ranger. But it was akimbo.


SAID Lincoln. then he suffocated Lynn with a basketball on her head.

I need help. I said.


Then she spooked Lucy too much. Which Automaticly gave her a heart attack. Then he put Lola in water. Causing her to drown. THE he threw Lana in a garbage truck. Which crushed her. Then he killed Lisa with acid. And he threw lily out a three story house window. Then he got a tatical nuke. Everyone exploded. Then it showed every one dead. THEN they were alive with. Bloodshot eyes. Then ended. But it said


Then I started wAtching spongebob. I heard a knock on the door. I hid. Then I had a extreme strong laser gun that will kill people. I attacked the person on the door. It was Lincoln the killer. I killed him. Then I threw him off a cliff. Then I had bad dreams for many years. I had goosebumps.

But one week later. I saw the EAS and it said

There was a tactical nuke warning.

So later a nuke hit our town and explode earth

the end