I love minecraft so much. I played it so many years ago. I found a game which was creepy. It was called Minecraft but it was black and white. I bought the game anyway. When it was put in, the logo for the game showed up. It was Black and white. I thought it was a joke.


This is what the logo looked like.

Thomas the tank

The Scrap Thomas in the Game

I started playing it. I was playing as Steve. I was looking for animals to destroy. There was one. Everything was completely dark. I was so confused. It creeped me out. I started hurting the pigs. The pig was...... dead. I went to build a cart. The cart was actually Thomas the Tank Engine. His model looked like Percy except it was blue. I was uneasy about it but I built the track and rode Thomas. I was just very glad I had a ride. I built this time. I decided to build my own house. It turned out to be great. I was very happY. So I went in. It looked amazing. When I got in, an image showed up. It was scary. It was........... Scrap Thomas. He looked at me with a creepy look. He said you will die.......... I got scared so I ejected the game disc and broke it and threw it out the window.


A screenshot of The game in dark quality.

I was done playing minecraft.