One day, I was with my sister and I asked her "How about we watch Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom?" She then replied "Alright, let's watch Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom!" We went on the computer and found some a playlist titled "Ben and Holly.wmv" When I opened it up I noticed it only had 4 files so I picked the first one which was titled "Lucy.wmv" Then the episode started there was no opening theme instead it showed an image flashing on screen I paused it and looked at it. It was Ben and Holly with black eyes. We then continued, then creepy music then started playing in the background accompanied by the sound of wind howling. Then a distorted picture of Lucy took over the screen. Her eyes looked so realistic and her mouth was in an O shape. The most horrifying thing about it was the audio. It was loud static followed by the sound of a man screaming in agony. It lasted for about 36 seconds and another distorted image showed up. It was Nanny Plum and the wise old elf with a trash bag and Lucy with black eyes and red pupils. When the image showed up the sounds that was heard were a cat screeching, glitched up noises and someone who was choking on a microphone, then the image got worse when the sounds were playing. Once that was over it cut to black and showed footage of an unknown episode. We heard Holly said "Take some milk with you." After that the audio was replaced with the same gltiched up noises that we heard when the image of Lucy with black eyes and red pupils showed up. Then the quality started becoming absolute crap. When it ended a distorted image of Lucy in a forest showed up. It was followed by the same wind howling from before. We were terrified. I quickly turned out the video and closed the computer. After that my sister started having nightmares about that video. So, if you see a wmv file titled "Lucy.wmv" Don't watch it, or else something truly terrible will happen to you.