Sadly enough... this is true.

I was in school with my sister, Cassie. He went out of the cafeteria, and went to our lockers. I put my lunch-box in the locker, and took out my binder in there. Then, I slammed the locker, and went to English class.

My sister was still in her locker. She took out a piece of paper and begins drawing something....

It was a faded picture... then she started to laugh with a big grin. I don't know what that's about.

As I went into English class, my teacher, Ms. Merchant was talking on the phone to someone. I don't know what that's about, either. Then, after Ms. Merchant stopped talking on the phone, she whirled around and said to me,

"The principal has to talk to you."

What? What did I do wrong? She followed me to the principal's office. When I entered there, a lot of the 5th grade teachers are there....

...even my sister?! What's she doing here? She was standing there...nervously....

"Why is Cassie here?" I asked to the principal.

The principal didn't say anything. There was no answer. But, my homeroom teacher, Ms. Lewis knows why Cassie's here. She took the book that Cassie was holding and finds a patch of blood holding 2 pages together.

I had an angry look on her, even all of the 5th grade teachers. We all just left, leaving her behind, but I was still there and I had something to say to her...

"YOU MURDERER!" I yelled. Then, I slammed the door, when my sister, Cassie, begins to cry.

Then, my English teacher and I went back to class. After the class is over, I went to gym. Cassie was by me. She was walking too. She had a nervous look like before in the principal's office when me and all of the 5th grade teachers are there.

"You murdered the love of my life, you pathetic fool." I said.

Cassie knew what that meant. She murdered my girlfriend, Joanna. After the school day is over, me and Cassie went home.

She then told my mom about what happend to that "Murdering" incident. Mom said that she was grounded for 2 weeks, and then she said,


Cassie starting crying, then she went up to her room. Then, she slammed the door, and it sounded like she was cutting herself up into pieces. It also sounded like she stabbed her chest a million times. Then she said,


Then, it sounded like she was grabbing something. I ran upstairs and opened the door.


I looked into the keyhole and then whispered...

"What the..."

She then grabbed a rope out of nowhere, tied it up on the fan, tied the end of the rope on her neck and she hanged herself.

Then, the fan fell down on the floor, and crashed. Cassie, too, fell on the floor... dead....

I hope Cassie could be alright in heaven.

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